Excess fluid in the body can be dangerous

pereizbyitok-liquid-can byit-threat

Australian scientists from Monash University, questioned the famous theory of «eight glasses of water», which States that for normal metabolism of the person should drink a certain amount of water during the day.

As a result of the studies, researchers found that in those moments when a person actually feel thirsty, but forcing yourself to drink water because «it is necessary», he is making this a lot of effort to overcome the resistance of the body. During the study, the brains of participants were scanned using magnetic resonance imaging, which showed that when a person drinks more water than they actually need his body, in the brain aktiviziruyutsya the area responsible for conscious decision-making. This means that liquid drunk in the absence of thirst does not benefit the body, but rather harmful, since excess water can cause a decrease in sodium. Which in turn various dangerous negative effects from simple runny nose to the point.

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