ENT. Acute lacunar tonsillitis

Acute lacunar tonsillitis is a disease, contrary to popular opinion, not provoked by viruses and bacteria. Viruses cause a General weakening of the immune system, and bacteria in turn, the development and complication of the disease. Most often agents of the disease are bacterial infection such as streptococci, and in particular the beta-hemolytic streptococci. Rarely lead to angina staphylococci and gonococci.

A doctor examines a patient with tonsillitis

In some cases, sore throat can cause a fungal infection, but it is possible and combined form of infection.

Sources of infection can be surround, transmit the disease through airborne droplets during coughing, talking, infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cavities in the teeth.

The symptoms of lacunar tonsillitis

Lacunar tonsillitis often occurs as a transition from another form of angina. But to combat bacterial infection, the body «turns on» the additional capacity. The patient has:

  • Severe pain in the throat, in connection with the swelling of the tissues of the tonsils.
  • Elevated body temperature to 39 degrees, at this temperature, the infection will not survive.
  • Chills (thus, the body raises the body temperature).
  • Weakness, drowsiness.
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes.
  • Visually one can find white patches on the tonsils, in particularly complicated cases pus.

Treatment of lacunar angina

Treatment of lacunar angina

Lacunar angina should be treated strictly under the supervision of a physician. The fact is that if the infection has led to the above symptoms, then there is a risk of dangerous complications – myocarditis. In addition to the heart angina gives complications on kidneys, joints, and hearing.

On examination, the doctor will prescribe the PAP smear, to determine the source of the disease. In some cases, you will need a blood test and urine.

Prescribed medications must be taken not only to pass the symptoms of the disease, but several days after. Otherwise, microorganisms encounter resistance – «addiction» to the drug and in this disease the drug will be useless. Usually the term medication 7-10 days.

Usually the doctor will prescribe antibiotics or antifungal drugs. Antihistamine medications, such as fenistil, the pain, will help to reduce swelling. Such familiar tools as acetylsalicylic acid, ibuprofen, will help the body cope with the inflammatory process.

Additionally, you can take probiotics (Narine, Bifiform) and vitamins. If the doctor is not banned, it is useful to rinse once a day the throat with a solution of furacilin, drug, or infusion of chamomile.

It is mandatory bed rest until there is a decrease in body temperature to normal levels. To go out is not recommended until full recovery, after doctor’s permission. Fresh cool air is a strong stimulus for the immune system of the sick person.

During the disease enough two or three times a day and once before going to bed ventilate the room of a patient in 10 minutes. In this case the patient must be carefully cover, to avoid even the slightest exposure to cold, e.g. in winter time.

In the body, a large amount of toxins during the disease. They cause headache and aches throughout the body. Drinking plenty of fluids will contribute to their rapid excretion from the body. The drink should be slightly warmed to a comfortable temperature and do not contain sugar.

Folk remedies from lacunar tonsillitis: lemon tea

Treatment of folk remedies

Folk remedies recommended as concomitant treatment to strengthen the local and General immunity. There’s no rush to use honey, especially in its pure form – many people do not suspect that you have a mild allergic reaction, which on the background of the disease will become strong.

Lemon juice, lemon in your food will enhance the immune system. But you shouldn’t use the lemon in its pure form, it can cause burning of the weakened tissues of the throat.

To add to the diet garlic and onions – natural antibiotics, contraindications to them, almost none. It will be useful every night cut into slices of garlic to put near the patient’s head.

Gargling with decoction of herbs such as chamomile or sage, contributes to the fast relieving of edema. It is not necessary to do inhalations with herbs! Infection during inhalation penetrate beyond the upper respiratory tract – the bronchi and lungs.

Prevention of sore throat and tonsillitis

Prevention of lacunar tonsillitis

As prevention it is necessary to observe simple rules:

  • Not to delay the treatment if a sore throat.
  • Not to SuperCool.
  • Do not drink scalding hot or very cold drinks.
  • To avoid contact with patients.
  • To strengthen the immune system.

On average, angina accounts for about 50 percent of the diseases in the autumn-winter period. Of them in lacunar angina – only 4%. The main thing – to monitor your health.

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