Electrical rating of heaters

If you add up all the advantages and disadvantages of all types of heaters by choosing heaters should give preference to the electric convectors. The advantages of the heaters includes an ecological component, which gives the opportunity to use them in apartments, rapid heating premises and safe to touch surface temperature. And the rating of the electric heaters as follows.

10th place – electric convector UFO

electric convector UFO

Space heating is in the range of 5C to 30C. When lowering the temperature below 5C degrees the unit automatically turns on. Air is supplied from below, the output is carried out through the grille at the top. There is a rollover sensor and air ionizer.

9th place — heater Cooper&Hunter

heater Cooper&Hunter

To mount this heater on the wall. The mechanical sensitivity of the thermostat is 1 degree. The housing temperature does not exceed 90 degrees. Works silently.

8th place — electric convector Ballu

electric convector Ballu

These heaters, referring to a series of Camino, good heater. His model Camino BEC/E is equipped with air ionizer and has rollover sensors and overheating.

7th place — heater Airelec

heater Airelec

In a series of Tactic these heaters are made in standard version and can be used as a primary heating device and of the additional heating. Plug cord has no ground.

6th place — heater Midea

electric heater Midea

Good quality, reasonable price. You can put on the wall or floor by the legs. The temperature is adjusted mechanically, the surface is not heated above 50 degrees. To heat the can up to 20 square meters.

5th place — electric convector SIEMENS 2NC5 102 4LS

electric convector SIEMENS 2NC5 102 4LS

The price of the convector is quite high, but the indicator of the strength of the case raises doubts – thin steel sheet is easy to deform. A rigid mounting bracket is also disrespectful, which is partly a function of kompensiruet ground. The temperature sensor through the inconvenient location can not respond to temperature changes.

4th place — electric convector MNB-1 (Thing)

electric convector MNB-1

On the Russian market the convector on the budget. Demanding buyer can doubt his strength due to the slim design and very light plastic sidewalls. And a variety of screws for attaching the front panel generally don’t like uncomfortable and tightly embedded mounting bracket. But the housing may be grounded.

3rd place — electric convector Stiebel Eltron SNC 100 S

electric convector Stiebel Eltron SNC 100 S

This convector can be attributed to the rather ascetic equipment, however, is quite reliable in operation, which allowed him to take a place in the rating of electric heaters. The building in the thermal point, there are brackets that allow the installation on their own, but has no grounding. Temperature sensor – remote, located at the bottom.

2nd place — electric convector Nobo 4C4F10XSC

electric convector Nobo 4C4F10XSC

High performance at a fairly affordable price, has made him a 2nd place ranking. The durable casing in a heat-resistant paint, durable brackets that give the opportunity of self-installation. Their drawbacks – poor packing them disposable film with foam.

1st place — electric convector Noirot Spot EIII

electric convector Noirot Spot EIII

In the rating of electric convector heaters French rightfully occupy a leading place. European quality standard, high reliability, and the life – for 25 years! The device responds to changes in room temperature, which enables further energy savings. The temperature is maintained with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees.

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