Electric motorbikes: the best of the best

Motorbikes appeared in the life of modern man recently. The premise of their creation was the lack of a fast, but light and maneuverable transport. Traffic jams, lack of Parking spaces forced people to bike, which, unfortunately, do not always develop greater speed because of the anatomical characteristics of the person.

Advantages of electric bikes

Electric motorbikes by design, are a cross between a moped and a bike: lightweight and durable frame Bicycle, equipped with an engine with the transmission. Both types of transport, the electric bike incorporates the best:

  • a relatively large movement speed up to 45 km/h;
  • easy control and maneuverability;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • a simple design that facilitates easy maintenance and repair;
  • light weight – up to 40 kg, so that the motorbike can be stored in the apartment or in the stairwell;
  • affordable prices.

Online shopping offers a wide selection of such devices. We will consider the best model of the world rankings, unveiled today.

Top 5 electric bikes

  1. LEAOS: equipped with a solar battery, based on the frame material used high-strength carbon fiber, weighs only 22 kg;
  2. Ariel Rider: retro design, equipped with computer, 7-speed transmission;
  3. SPA Bicicletto: engine power of 500 W, a speed of 45 km/h, in the presence of two batteries;
  4. Entz: the presence of the illuminated display, lithium-ion battery which allows you to drive solely on battery up to 100 km;
  5. Cross X: the means of emergency movement for health-care workers, are equipped with a compartment for storage of medications and some of the equipment with the possibility of connection.

Such devices are available, of course, is not for everyone. But in any case, anyone can pick up an electric motorbike like the pocket and the soul.

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