Eco-friendly house from a bar: what to consider

In a recent issue of ecological purity of building materials and everything else, too, become relevant. Organic food, natural fabrics, natural cosmetics… natural building materials. People want to live in a safer environment, it’s understandable. But not always what we consider natural, is not actually. A striking example of this are home from a bar.

Home from a bar

Why timber may not be entirely «natural»: impregnation

Of course, timber is a natural building material, as it is made out of wood. That is why many people think that building a home from a bar, they will build a truly eco-friendly house. But these people will be disappointed, for one simple reason: good quality timber is necessarily impregnated with different compounds that prevent the burning and decay. And, such compositions can not be called natural, that is, the beam loses part of its «naturalness».

So, you can buy timber without impregnation, as a rule, it is normal, not shaped beam. But a house built from this material will soon become worthless. First of all, there is a misalignment of the walls, due to deformation of wood under the influence of the sun, moisture, low temperatures. Over time the wood will begin to crack, it will infest the pests, you get mold. In the end, the tree will begin to rot. So timber without impregnation, it is better not to use if you want to build a reliable and durable house.

Eco-friendly timber home

Moreover, even using the lumber impregnation, the construction would have to be processed with antiseptics and flame retardants. And such processing should be carried out regularly. This is already a minus for sustainability.

Another blow to environmental performance: the coating of the walls

Even with treatment, the tree must be covered with a layer of protective tools this can be varnish, paint, special wax for the walls. For interior decoration you can use wax or water-based varnishes – these coatings are quite harmless and can with a clear conscience to use inside the house. But only to cover the walls and ceiling, but the floor you should use a more abrasion resistant compositions, which can not be called environmental.

The coating of the walls of the timber

As for external coatings, they first of all must have such properties as resistance to moisture, sunlight, high and low temperatures. To date these properties have only standard varnishes and paints.

Plus – insulation

So, houses made of wood are considered to be warm, but this is a misconception, at least in respect of timber houses. So, you can build a house that will not need insulation, but then the wall thickness will be too large, that is, the construction cost is expensive, the material will take a lot, and the construction of the house is too heavy – need a reinforced Foundation.

Walls of timber with a stone

So log home building: build the walls of standard thickness and then insulated. As insulation, you can use various materials – mineral wool (the best option), glass wool, expanded polystyrene. If you use mineral wool, the house will not lose in environmental as mineral wool is made of stone, that is quite natural. But expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam), which is used most often, is not a natural insulation.

Regardless of what you insulated house, a layer of insulation requires protection from external factors. That is, the coating. It can be a decorative plaster (quite naturally), artificial stone (also «of course» because it is produced using sand, cement, mineral fillers), wood, vinyl or metal siding. If you choose coverage from the point of view of sustainability, it fits everything except vinyl siding.

Environmentally friendly house from a bar


Therefore, truly eco-friendly house from a bar build will not work. Because the properties of wood, that she was valued in the construction, partly neytralizuya impregnation and synthetic coatings. All that remains is aesthetics and atmosphere. But the same aesthetics and atmosphere can be achieved, finished the interior wood panels.

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