Eat healthy in anticipation of the birth of a baby

For every female doctor is able to offer a menu on the survey results and characteristics of the organism of the expectant mother, but the basic rules of power are shared and the three of them.

Healthy food for pregnant

First rule. Food should be healthy and balanced

If a pregnant woman always ate correctly, then any changes in diet should not make. If before pregnancy the main food was fast food, sandwiches and snacks throughout the day, we are talking about fruits and vegetables, we now eat substantially differently.

How to eat during pregnancy

Needed daily diet:

  1. The vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget to wash them with hot water. There are medical indications for which vegetables and fruits can be eaten raw. It is in the case of blood test results when the presence of antibodies to Toxoplasma negative.
  2. Protein. For the growing fetus needs protein as building material in sufficient quantity. Daily on the table of the expectant mother should be meat, fish, and other foods that contain protein.
  3. Carbohydrates. The presence of dietary carbohydrates, which nutritionists call «good» will maintain the normal health of women, because fast carbs affect the rate of sugar in the blood. Should give preference to whole-wheat bread, instead of candy you can treat yourself to dark chocolate, contains a number of vitamins that are useful to the organism, including, and magnesium.
  4. Lipids. The formation of the nervous system and cell membranes will not do without the participation of lipids. These important substances involved in the formation of cell membranes and nervous system. In fish, such as salmon and cod contain essential fatty acids Omega-3 that our body can not synthesize itself.
  5. Dairy products. Calcium products are the main suppliers of the mineral to the fetus. And with a lack of calcium in the diet will be the destruction of bone and tooth enamel in pregnant women, cramping in the muscle tissue.
  6. Water. The slowing of the metabolism leads to undesirable consequences. The lack of 8% of the fluid leads to dizziness and fainting. At higher moisture deficits occur irreversible processes in the body. With this in mind, a pregnant woman must carefully keep track of your water balance for the color of the urine. Urine should be light and transparent.

Diet during pregnancy

The second rule. Moderation in eating

Overeating is dangerous to all. And grandma’s tip is for myself and for the baby far from the truth. The harm from overeating is applied not only to the shape, women’s health, but also the growing fetus. Large fruit is the cause of complications.

  1. Eat mode. In native mode the correct power. When symptoms of toxicity can eat more often, but portions should be small.
  2. Snacking on the go harmful. It is advisable to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. After 20 minutes, the brain will send a signal about saturation and will not spare it. If you make big breaks between meals, then inevitably overeating during the next meal. To avoid bouts of severe hunger, have on hand something to eat from list of healthy foods.

What not to eat during pregnancy

Third rule-Be careful!

There are rules and principles that should not be disturbed during pregnancy.

  1. Alcohol. It is strange to explain to an adult why alcohol during pregnancy is impossible. Impossible! Never!
  2. Pates, meats, cheeses, and raw milk may contain Listeria.
  3. Fruits and vegetables carefully wash! It is better to remove the skin, it will help to reduce the risk of exposure of bacteria type Listeria or Toxoplasma.
  4. During pregnancy you should avoid sushi and seafood, is not subjected to heat treatment. To avoid contamination with Salmonella, do not eat raw eggs!
  5. Wash your hands often and not just for the food!

Pregnancy is not a disease, but the need to be more vigilant and strict to their way of life in this short period of time will bring you lots of joyful moments and pleasant feelings from the future of motherhood!!!

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