Each pain has its own reason!

Scientists have determined that in the human body everything is interconnected. Our diseases do not appear just like that. Our lifestyle, habits, emotional state – all impact on the emergence of various diseases. The body pain signals to us that something needs to be changed.

For example, frequent headaches occur in a person when he is experiencing serious overload or is under stress. You must have noticed that often we a headache after a hard day’s work or after some stress. Beat the headache is simple: on the recommendation of Dr. Christian Peterson, you need to do something relaxing – yoga, meditation, walk in the Park, listen to soft music or nature sounds. It is important to monitor your emotional state, avoid stress.


If you can’t forgive yourself, doing self-criticism, you’re bothered by it – wait for the pain in the neck! According to the doctor-a chiropractor-kinesiologist Lori D Ascenzo, you need to learn to accept yourself, other people, the world around such what they are, to be able to forgive others, then the neck pain will not bother you.

Pain in the neck

Shoulders often hurt those who «dumps» on them too much burden. «Stop all the take on, give some of their worries to someone else — says chiropractor ROS Kitson, and then your shoulders will be much easier.

Pain in the shoulders

If you suffer from pain in the upper part of the spine, it means you have problems with love. Trainer in the field of self-development, Rhonda Digest, argues that this kind of pain arises when a person has inharmonious relations with other people: he gives more love than he receives or Vice versa. To the pain disappear, it is necessary to balance the exchange of energy.

Pain in upper back

According to Dr. Mark St. Tonga, lower back pain warn about problems with finances. If you are always concerned about the money problem, possible pain in the lower back. Try to calmly respond to financial difficulties, and your health will thank you.

Lower back pain

Pain in the elbow, according to Alan Fogel reflect a negative attitude to the outside world. Pain in the elbows say that you are cruel in relation to the surrounding world; we need to be kinder and more compassionate, to be understanding, to be patient, and then your elbows won’t hurt.

Pain in the elbows

«The lack of communication or, on the contrary, its excess will tell the pain in his hands,» — this statement came Lori D Ascenzo. Intercourse should be in moderation!

Pain in the hands

For forward movement, commitment to the future the person responsible of the hip, so pain in this part, as stated by Barbara Clark, tells us about the fear of your future. In order to get rid of hip pain need to look into the eyes of expected events not be afraid of change, and in any case do not try to hide from them.

Hip pain

Problems with self-esteem can cause knee pain. In the opinion of unconventional medicine, Lawrence Mitchell, if a person has low or high self-esteem, to avoid pain in the knees will not succeed.

The pain in my knees

But resentment and envy, according to Dr. Laura Perry, a trigger pain in the calf muscle. Do not envy and do not be offended!

Pain in the calf muscle

Pain in shins will tell you what you don’t know how to relax and enjoy the moment. Author of books on self-development and self-discovery, Julie Douglas believes that it is necessary to be able to enjoy life, not to deprive yourself of pleasure and pain in the bones will not visit you.

Pain in the ankle

Stop the disease suggests that a person is not able to let go of negative emotions, often fixate on the bad. The psychologist recommends Adobe Anija learn to enjoy even the little things, and the problems to be treated easily.

Pain in the foot

Live in harmony with the environment and each other, and pain will be avoided.

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