Dumplings – all the most interesting about this dish

A dish of unleavened Lenten dough with various fillings are widely known and popular all over the world, it is common in many ethnic cuisines. A common property for all varieties of dumplings – a thin dough and raw savoury filling (meat, fish, vegetables, seafood).

The time and place

There are several theories about their origin. The most common of these is the one that says that they first appeared in China. In any case, until the 13th century about the origin of this dish in other States there is no mention. Then a hearty and simple dish had to taste the peoples of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Siberia.

There is speculation that the name «dumpling» Finno-Ugric origin, translated, this word means «ear bread».

In Russia they became popular in the 17th century. The recipe of this dish were brought from Siberia.



In this cold and harsh land they have long been the main dish and have a particular taste. Thanks to the wealth of the local forests and active hunting these are made from several types of meat. The toppings do not only beef and pork, but also bear, elk and forest game. Sometimes in minced meat add berries cranberries, cranberry, cloudberry. On the table dish is served always with sauce and no liquid. Entertain guest with dumplings floating in the broth, is completely unacceptable for a host.

In Siberia there is still the custom to prepare them for the future, intact bags. At a large table the whole family gathers, the time for molding semi-finished product is a day. This joint event brings together the older and younger generation, and promotes respectful and warm relationships within the family.

In the long tradition of the latter are necessarily molded with a special filling, put inside a coin, a pinch of pepper, sugar or herbs. Someone gets a «happy» dumplings, expect joy, love and prosperity.

The tradition of «stock» rooted in the past, because you can buy them on the way home or there http://manygoodtips.com/dostavka1.com to order home delivery of Russian food from the restaurant.

Chinese Jiao zi


«The homeland of pelmeni» this dish was always considered a symbol of prosperity, good progeny and monetary abundance. From dumplings of other countries, Jiao-zi are different flattened shape and variety of toppings, making use not only meat, but fish, shrimp, vegetable mix, mushrooms. Eat such richly flavored spicy sauce (chili or ginger-soy). In the long tradition of Chinese dumplings definitely preparing for the New year and eat, zagadyvaya desire.

In Japan and Korea have their own versions of dumplings. The Japanese have gyoza less salty than Jiao zi, they are usually fried in the pan. Put in minced pork, cabbage, sesame oil and garlic. Korean dumplings are stuffed with transparent rice noodles with added spicy vegetables.

Ravioli and other


Every nation is preparing their special dumplings, which are different from the «brothers» from other countries, not only the name but also in form filling, choice of spices etc.

A small size Italian ravioli from unleavened dough usually made Crescent-shaped, rarely oval and square. Ravioli filling can be any, even sweet. The dough is wrapped in berries, fruits and anything that tells a good imagination, because in Italy any generally accepted rules in the choice of toppings are not met.

«Relatives» Russian dumplings can be called Caucasian khinkali dumplings and Asian. These dishes are a dish of unleavened dough stuffed with minced meat. The main difference between khinkali and the mantle is their large size, peculiar shape and method of preparation.

Khinkali in the shape of a knotted bag, they are very juicy and flavorful thanks to the addition of special spices. Manta rays are more like the envelopes, they are stuffed with meat, hand-chopped, minced, finely chopped onion and pumpkin and cook for a couple. The delicious filling is obtained from lamb.

Today, unfortunately, the tradition to cook this dish at home slowly receding into the past. In shops and supermarkets this product is available in a huge range, and to spend precious time on a fairly time consuming do not want. And yet, there’s nothing better than homemade ravioli, cobbled together with their own hands with warmth and love.

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