Dolls pantyhose with their hands: step by step instructions for fans to create beautiful and unusual toys

Maybe you ever heard from your grandparents, as they are childhood sewed dolls. But in those days dolls were created using sticks and rags. Now lovely beauties can be created from anything. Who is how developed fantasy. In this article you will find step by step instructions for beginning quilters, and will learn how to create beautiful and unusual dolls from nylon stockings.

Doll with your own hands

Create a fairy tale for children with their own hands. After all, with the help of improvised means you’ll be able to make any of the characters favorite fairy tales. And if you still will draw children to this lesson, see how the children developed imagination. Creating her collection of dolls, children will happy to play them, after all, made these beauties with their hands. And not one purchase a toy can not replace them with their creation.

Call the children and let’s start creating these wonderful dolls.

Dolls pantyhose

For work we need:

  • Tights. If you take nylon tights and they were too thin, fold them in half. Of them in the same way as of a knitted stocking, is a very interesting model.
  • For stuffing dolls will fit wool or a synthetic winterizer.
  • For embroidery of eyes and mouth, you must take black and red thread. Ideal the floss.
  • Thread for sewing, match the color of the tights.
  • You can take beads for eyes.
  • Thick thread for making hair.
  • Scraps of fabric for clothes. As for old socks. It all depends on what toy you are going to sew.
  • A set of needles, pins.
  • Fabric paint.

How to make a doll out of tights

Start to work

Before you begin, I want to warn! No matter how you try, you will not be able to make a doll exactly like the picture you chose for a visual aid. All dolls are individual, no two identical copies. So turn on your imagination and sew a heroine that you like.


Any toy is better to start sewing from the head. After all, the body proportions are easier to adjust for the head than the head size to adjust for torso and arms.

Materials for creating puppets with their hands

Dolls created from ordinary tights, attracted much attention mainly due to their unusual facial expressions. In the process, the wizard puts the doll in his soul. And for facial expressions you can read the mood of its author.

Stages of creation of the face.

  1. To make the face of our doll, you need to the workpiece. For this we padding make the cake the size of a fist and put her nylon stocking.
  2. For the nose we take some filler and formed from it a ball, place it in the center of the workpiece, and then carefully stitched, forming the contours of the nose. In the same way make the doll’s cheeks, ears.
  3. The eye can be made from buttons, beads, or purchase in a specialty store and stick our fabulous character.

The body of our toy can be made of wire. To create a framework we begin with a loop for the head. Then twisting the neck, and go out to different parties, painting wire arms and legs. And finish our work with the Foundation at the waist. Then wrapped the skeleton of the doll wedding, dress in tights. To start putting pantyhose on the doll body, arms and legs. Carefully stitched each finger. Then, sew all the folds and bumps on the body.

Stage of works on creation of dolls from pantyhose

The last stage of work on the dolls

At the final stage we need to bring our heroine presentable.

To do this, we sew the head to the body. Of yarns create a wig that fits the image of the fairy tale heroine. And, of course, dress the doll in a new outfit. Align the doll skin color, using fabric paint. You can draw a small blush on his cheeks. It will make our heroine more natural.

And that’s all! Our doll is ready! With this doll would be happy to play with children. And if you create all the heroes of favorite fairy tales, you can be in the puppet theater from the comfort of home. And how interesting would be the story, will depend only on you!

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