Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma

Melanoma is recognized as a malignant tumor that appears on the skin. It is a certain spots, they can have various color palette and highlight the melanin. Melanoma can be located in external sites, and respond to direct UV rays, in most tumors appear on the feet, hands, face and body, with women more susceptible than men. Women are vulnerable in the legs, and men in the area of the body. Very rarely, melanoma appears on the retina of the eye, mucous membranes of the vagina and the anus. Melanoma can also appear on the simple area of the body and of the nevus. This disease is not a joke, as every year, the number of patients increases.

The reasons for the formation of melanoma

In the first place this disease as if it was not corny intense ultraviolet radiation that affects the skin. Melanoma may appear:

  • when the sun burn;
  • at high radiation level;
  • if you long to go to the Solarium.

If the melanoma has genetic origin, it cure a lot easier. If genetics are broken, you may receive a sudden lump.

Read more about melanoma and its treatment you can read on the website of the Israeli Ichilov hospital — http://manygoodtips.com/ichilovtop.com/disease/melanoma-lechenie-v-izraile/

Diagnostic measures definition of melanoma

In the first place is in there when the patient visits the oncologist. To confirm the diagnosis is carried out histological and cytological examination of the very common are guard bobsled, which deals with the lymph nodes. Additional diagnostic methods are computed tomography, ultrasound and scintigraphy.

Treatment of thyroid cancer

If the patient manifested the diagnosis came the first time, has metastasis, it is better surgery, leaving for later other therapy. The doctor cut 2 cm, which avoid the basis of the greater part of the tumor. In some cases after removal appear some defects, and need to cover the leather scraps most often affects the face and limbs.

If the lymph nodes are not affected, the treatment is simple, with the use of anticancer drugs and immunological therapies. Doctors begin the procedure of risk assessment for the patient and choose an individual training. Chemotherapy is also complicated, the main thing that the patient tolerated all of the treatments after a few sessions of chemotherapy are assigned to mandatory testing, where the doctor will assess how effective the therapy is. If treatment is to apply radiation therapy, the tumor is exposed to more learning, while surrounding organs and tissues are not exposed to radiation, so side effects are reduced to a minimum.

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