Deputies are afraid of the penalties for truancy meetings


It turned out that discipline in the State Duma is far from ideal. The main problem that bothers the authorities is the low attendance of the plenary meetings.

MPs create a power of attorney for participation in voting by sending for important meetings of his assistants. Themselves servants of the people can go weeks without appearing in the State Duma, citing the disastrous employment or travel.

Sergei Neverov, FR. the Chairman of the state Duma, decided to end it. He intends to cancel the Commission for a vote to negate the truancy meetings. According to him, the wages of servants is quite high, it is 360 000 rubles. Therefore, the Deputy is obliged to come to all the charges.

In the month, held six plenary meetings, if the employee Duma missed one run should be deducted from his pay one-sixth part. If the member did not attend two meetings, he is deprived of one third of the salary. In case if you have missed all six meetings, the question on deprivation of Deputy powers.

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