Death-bearing jellyfish


On Saturday 17 September in Koh Samui (Thailand) were hospitalized 2-year-old child after a jellyfish sting.

Russian tourists (a boy and his parents) went to the hospital, suffering from the bites of marine life. After receiving a burn, the child lost consciousness. First aid to the child is given immediately on the beach, and then hospitalized. It is reported that suffered from the bite of the parents don’t need hospitalization.

Now the state Russian boy stabilized and he is recovering.

The box jellyfish or «sea wasp» are considered the most venomous marine animals. The poison contained in their tentacles, even into the smallest dose can kill a person in minutes. A lethal dose is possible even from the short contact of the tentacles with the human skin during bathing. The main place of their habitat — the Pacific and the Indian ocean off the coast of South-East Asia.

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