Dancing skyscraper in Dubai

Modern architecture is different emotion. Fans of cozy small houses in Victorian style are unlikely to be conquered by the masterpieces of new directions. Knowing the height is no surprise, the developers are creating incredible projects. One of these strange ideas is the construction of a dancing skyscraper.

Miracle house

The project was created by the Florentine David Fisher. The height of the skyscraper is 80 stories. The structure will combine the office and living quarters. The floors will rotate relative to each other. The movement will also occur along the bases of the building columns. Was conducted sample calculations. Sum for the project, by conservative standards, would amount to $ 700 million.

The creators plan to submit the property, in the framework of this project, different directions. It is planned hotels and offices. Accommodation may be suitable for people with modest financial resources. Also will feature luxury penthouses. The project surprised not only by the presence inside the gardens and pools, but freight elevators. It is expected that their sizes will allow you to deliver property owners right in the car to their apartment.


How to work this strange building? For the owners of the penthouse is possible to control the rotation of their own floors. The rest of the movement should be carried out using voice commands.

To allow movement dances of the skyscraper will be built near a small power station. Her power is enough to power a few buildings around. The movement will also take place at the expense of solar panels and wind turbines.

Unfortunately, the Dynamic Tower project has remained an interesting idea. In the plans the construction should be finished in 2010, but at the moment all actions are stopped. The creators of the skyscraper not give reasons for the freeze.

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