Culture and customs of Italy

Culture of Italy – is a mixture of different ethnic traditions. And all this is due to the fact that for thousands of years the country was home to many peoples who brought their traditions, customs, their culture, all these have formed a certain characteristics, now common to all Italians.

Culture Of Italy: Rome, Colosseum

World famous names such as Virgil, Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Cicero, and many other names, and all of them gave the world the Italy. Even in the thirteenth century, Italian literature began to develop with the Latin heritage, and the first works were written in this dialect. In addition to writers the country is famous for the names of famous artists and their paintings.

The culture of Italy permeates virtually every building: they are all different shapes, sizes, columns and arches. On the street built a huge number of fountains that fit harmoniously into the urban landscape, with decorative window frames and stairs are present in large quantities and in different styles.

Italian dance Tarantella

In addition to the famous names of Italy gave the world the dance. The most famous is called «Tarantella» and means «spider». The contractor should rotate clockwise during the performance of this dance in the opposite direction when the pace changes to a quick. Dance is recognized as one of the brightest representatives of the folklore of the country.

Italians are famous for their religiosity. Almost all of the country’s population professes Catholicism. But the Church has long separated from the state, though believers and vosmitonny required to pay a tax to the Pope. Religion in the country is perceived so much that saints can be seen on the streets next to the portraits and posters of world stars. The ruler of the state is the Pope and his position in the country is very big.

The carnival of Venice in Italy

Holidays Italy are of two types: religious and secular, that is civil. But regardless of the views of every holiday, all government offices cease operations and the transport drives at specific times. One of the most prominent secular festivals is the Venice carnival. During the meeting on the streets you can find mimes, juggling and various circus performers. And residents dressed in costumes of knights, of evil spirits, and many others. In each village celebrates the feast of the Saint, for example in Milan, the revered Ambrose and Rome – Peter. Unusually celebrated women’s day – the eighth of March, in Italy women give each other flowers of Mimosa as a sign of pride. Christmas in Italy is usually celebrated with family, and Easter is to celebrate with friends. But in the Easter week of mandatory access to the outdoors for a picnic with your family, this custom is performed, despite the bad weather.

Italian Palio - horse race

The annual festival is the «palio» – a race that they held in Siena, take the national scale in the ceremony.

Another feature of the passionate Italians is football. In any major city in Italy has its own team, and each weekend matches are held and a football field stuffed with fans.

Besides football, Italy is known for its fashion. Many famous designers, such as Gucci, Armani, Valentino all come from Italy. And everyone in the country believes personal pride to be dressed in designers such.

The famous Italian fashion

In addition to traditions and practices that highlight the cultural background of Italy, in the country there are many libraries and museums such as the Vatican Museum, which presents the most famous works of art of antiquity, and almost every major city in Italy there are galleries and museums of world art.

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