Crime Comedy with unknown


Criminal history occurred in the family from Lipetsk.

While driving to the sea, the road was dead 77-year-old grandmother who went on vacation with my family. Relatives documented death in accordance with existing rules and decided to extend the vacation, and a relative to bury in the homeland, temporarily left the body in a morgue Sochi.

Before leaving home, the family acquired forwarding the trunk, in which was placed the deceased’s relatives, for transportation home.

On the way back, the family decided to spend the night in one of the campgrounds located on the track in the Rostov region. The grandma’s body remained in the trunk mounted on the roof of the car.

In the morning the family found no trunk, no dead relatives at night from the Parking lot of the camping boot along with its contents was kidnapped by unknown.

Currently, law enforcement agencies search for and unsuccessful thieves, and the body of the grandmother.

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