Cows ate unique watermelons

Cows ate unique watermelons

Astrakhan cow ate the experimental fruit. Of the RAID of the cattle suffered unique watermelon, melon and pumpkin varieties.

Experimental field for fruit and vegetable crops belongs to the all-Russian scientific-research Institute. Some time ago the field was surrounded by a moat filled with water. This allowed planting to protect from uncontrolled grazing cows. Recently, however, the ditch was buried, and in its place was built the road. Then control the penetration of the cattle in the field, which belongs to the Institute, it became impossible. Did not help even a specially organized night guards.

Losses caused by animals, is valued at more than 2 million rubles.

Who owns the cow is now under investigation. But in accordance with Russian legislation, pet owners face only a fine of several thousand roubles.

For full compensation of harm to scientists and breeders may have to go to court.

Now experts and staff of the Institute collected the seeds that remained after the RAID animals. Perhaps it will allow you to save some of unique designs.

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