Cosmetics: soft and suitable

Skin like crazy: it gets inflamed, itches, becomes red and scaly. Dermatologists and allergists are saying about frequent complaints about skin irritation. Allergy affects about one in five people. But in General, sensitive skin is more common than allergic irritation.

Hypersensitive skin

Allergy or hypersensitivity?

Whether it’s an allergic reaction to any ingredient or just irritated sensitive skin is often difficult to distinguish one from the other. Hypersensitive or increased emotional called skin that reacts excessively to external factors. She quickly responds to various actions.

Not every hypersensitivity based on allergies. An Allergy involves the action of specific stimulus, causing a skin reaction. In this case, the condition is to identify and further avoid the allergen. If hypersensitivity is often the sum the external factors makes the skin too sensitive. This can be, for example, climate change, spicy food, alcohol, aggressive cleaning products or stress.

Skin Allergy to cosmetics

Excess care is harmful to the skin

As with allergic and hypersensitive skin care must be strictly adjusted to the needs of your skin type. If skin irritation a common mistake is too intensive care. In the result, the Horny layer swells, and through him, to penetrate the germs multiply and cause itching and redness. Thus, the need to constantly maintain the stability of the skin barrier. But how to do it?

Do not overdo the application of the cream – here is a short advice of dermatologists. Enough to clean your face with a gentle milk or lotion and then apply a soothing cream. Avoid alcohol-containing products. They dry the skin, therefore not suitable for sensitive sensitive skin. Positive effect in this state give products with thermal water with high content of trace elements and minerals. The active ingredients in creams and lotions should also reduce redness and relieve itching.

How to care for hypersensitive skin

Creams with certificates

Special products will help to navigate. Thus, certified products contain multiple ingredients for preservation as low as possible potential skin irritation. In addition, they do not contain substances that often cause allergies. Tip: do not buy the product immediately, but to first buy a sample copy to test it for 2-3 days. If the skin reacts calmly, you can purchase the product without fear. Attention: inscriptions of this type as «hypoallergenic» or «Allergy tested» is information from the manufacturer. They are not necessarily based on any testing standards.

Allergy or hypersensitivity, how to understand?


Relatively new on the market are hermetically sealed products. They ensure that the creams and lotions remain sterile during the entire period of application. This is particularly important for problem skin. Cosmetics usually contain water, in which without preservatives and easy to develop and breed bacteria. This represents an additional risk for allergic and sensitive skin.

Makeup for sensitive skin

Make-up: to withstand skin

Sensitive skin requires careful maintenance. Also important makeup. Here, too, there are makeup without fragrance or mascara, without preservatives. Problematic are the colour pigments in the blush, eye shadow and mascara. They often cause people with sensitive skin allergic reactions. But without them it is impossible to put on make up. Therefore, here applies the following advice: to try that is well tolerated and what is not.

And what about those who have itching in the flowering season brings tears to the eyes? Mascara and eyeliner if they are not waterproof, just spread and quickly destroy the makeup. Best Allergy season to take time off from makeup. Even soft removing water resistant products – an additional burden for allergic skin. If you still apply the makeup, to remove it is to use products without preservatives. So that the skin is not irritable, and cleaned easily and gently.

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