Coolest motorcycles in the world

There are many motorcycles, some models are very unusual, others simply attractive, and which ones are the coolest motorcycles in the world? In our rating you will get acquainted with the best of them all!

10. An unsurpassed masterpiece — super-bike B120 Wraith

B120 Wraith

The designers of the famous company Confederate Motor Company showed the world a new super-bike «Wraith B120», known to the Russian public as «Ghost». The whole taste of the bike in its futuristic and unconventional staging tank which is located under the engine. Ghost bike costs about 50 thousand dollars.

9. Interesting bike design Red Bull Rider


Five years ago at a show in Detroit you could see the debut of the Red Bull chopper Rider. An interesting design was developed on the basis of the logo of Red Bull. A fully functional model that will be used in promotions.



Design idea Brenda Hemms led to the development of a sleek design bike «Night Shadow» that looks like the logo of the Jaguar. Original title is consistent with the model: in the dark eyes can light up the bike. Although «nightshade» is very distinctive and is suitable only to its Creator. To manage it, you need to be quite high. The bike powerful engine, but the maximum speed is 80 km/h, So not a very good landing and low speed chopper, rather, just a piece. But perhaps the most beautiful motorcycles in the world joins your list.

7. Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk

What only epithets are not earned at the time the Tomahawk, they most fast, cool, and the wonderful «iron horse». Well, it deserves all the praise the motorcycle. The power of 500 horses turned him into the most powerful motorcycle in the world. By the way, the price is quite powerful – 250 thousand dollars, and fuel for such horses will have to spend.

6. Mach Ness Monster

Mach Ness Monster

This giant, metal, for gas turbine propulsion was created by Arlen ness, and the name to match. The body of the monster is sheets of aluminium, the processing of which took place manually. Yes, this helicopter is capable of hitting! Arlen was inspired to create a «Monster» turbo bike Jay Leno that struck Nessa, but disappointed by the high cost.

5. Basseville motorcycle with Hubless wheels Motorcycle

Motorcycle Hubless

The engineers of Amen Design and Engineering have created something new in his Studio – a bike with wheels that have no spokes and wheels. Similar could be seen on the concepts of different companies, but the «live» chopper it is possible to contemplate for the first time. The lack of the most important parts does not make the bike less functional. The cost of «bezdenica» about 150 thousand dollars.

4. Uno


The UNO motorcycle is the embodiment of the idea of a young and talented developer Benjamin Gulak. Base housing is the front of sports bike Yamaha. Both wheels UNO is located under the seat at a distance of five inches. But UNO moves by two electric motors, taken in wheelchairs. The maximum speed of this miracle – 44 km/h, the batteries can work up to two hours. By the way, to control UNO will be child’s play, according to those who were lucky enough to ride such a strange vehicle.

3. Suzuki Biplane

Suzuki Biplane

This beautiful bike is particularly elegant in «bielanowski» style. He has a 4-cylinder engine with a volume of thousand cubic meters, which is located longitudinally and the transmission of force is effected via a cardan shaft. The cost of the bike is shrouded in mystery.

2. Batpod


The efforts of engineers Chopper City managed to recreate a copy of the iron knight the Batman. By the way, the name speaks for itself. The bike’s powerful engine, water-cooled and wicked-looking machine guns and cannons. Thanks nitro-injector can develop a perfectly acceptable speed on a straight road. Unfortunately, the bike only in a single instance, so even if you have 100 thousand dollars, it is unlikely you are lucky enough to own this equipment.

1. Tron Light Cycle

Light Cycle Tron

American designers Legacy created the most beautiful motorcycle in the world with a fiberglass body on a steel frame. Off the line just ten pieces, the price only 55 thousand dollars. The bike is equipped with a Suzuki TLR1000 motor, has a 252 cm in length weighing in at 214 pounds. Not to mention a special landing where you can ride almost lying down. By the way, the dashboard of the bike can be changed to dock your Apple iPad, this took care of engineers. The brake system is also fundamentally new, as it is based on the friction drum. Because of this motorcycle can stop for a few moments even at top speed.

A submitted stories frequently visit men’s dreams. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, so I advise you to pay attention to decent, but the cheapest bikes. We present to your attention the three most important.

3. Honda Grom

Honda Grom

The model may seem surprising, but despite the tiny size, it’s a decent bike. Great for trips to town, although the small engine does not allow you to drive it on the freeway, but our Honda conquer the streets, skate parks and tracks. The model is very popular because the manufacturer does not have time to put the bike in the dealerships. But this is understandable, given the «fun» and low cost «baby».

2. Symwolf Classic 150

Symwolf Classic 150

You’d be surprised what can be purchased for 3 thousand dollars! Symwolf Classic is made in retro style and has an engine capacity of almost 150 cubic metres. By the way, consumption pleases – only 2.7 liters per hundred kilometers! So, the bike produces just 15 horses, but many were able to evaluate the Taiwanese bike for its low cost and very nice appearance. And the fact that the manufacturer gives on a retro bike 2 year warranty, all amazing! By the way, the Symwolf Classic 150 is the official bike of Andrew Dost from the band FUN. Well, buy?

Qlink XP200/XF200

The first position among the cheapest motorcycles in the world is Chinese horse from the company Qlink. Model XP200 and XF200 have a single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 199 blocks, air-cooling, and the claimed power, like the predecessor, the 15 horses. Observant have probably already noticed that the XP200 motorcycle is a good copy of the Suzuki DR200SE. By the way, had the same bore and stroke. We will not delve into the topic, we don’t know what else to copy Qlink engineers at Suzuki, we do not matter. Importantly, these amazingly cheap bikes are very popular, and encouraging us as potential buyers. And you vote!

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