Compulsory work in the garden and in the garden in November

Although the major work in the garden and the garden is finished, all that needs transplanted, and planted, the last autumn month – November – will not get bored. Gardeners still have time to prepare plants for the winter, conduct some chores.

How to care for the garden in November

So, what else do you need?

1) In November stocking up on cuttings of Apple and pear trees, plums and cherries make for winter vaccinations. At this time, the shanks strong enough. To cut them is when the frost is weak, and then down into the cellar and sleep with wet sawdust.

2) Some people have bred on the site of the winter of medicinal plants and shrubs such as Rowan, hawthorn, viburnum. Take the seedlings and cultured, and grew up in the woods. Make a shallow pit (to 50 cm), together with the fertilizer put in the seedling, fill it up and pour.

What to do in the garden in November

3) Can be made podzimny sowing of vegetables like peas, carrots, dill, mustard, spinach, parsley, turnip, celery, radishes, artichoke, rutabagas, salad. To do this in a slightly frozen soil need to plant seeds. They will not have time to germinate, but fail under the snow to acquire resistance to any adversity. In the spring, when the snow melts, the seeds will appear first.

4) In November already circumcised planted raspberries in the ground covered with humus and peat. This is done in order to increase the yield of berries next year. The trimmed stems of the raspberry and cut down branches of trees do not smoke and do not throw away. Better over the stems of overwintering plants, so they delayed the snow.

Care of raspberries in the garden in November

5) Those plants that do not tolerate frost, dug up, planted in pots and put in the basement or specially designed greenhouse. Or covered with dry sawdust and leaves, roots draped a plastic bag containing dry peat.

6) Usually in November, whitewashed tree trunks. Young trees rotate some white material. These measures protect the trees from frost and sunburn. It’s time to substitute for the branches of bushes and trees back up. So the plants will not break under the weight of rain.

Whitewashing the trunks of trees in November

7) November is the month for collecting barberry, chestnut, wild rose, cotoneaster. They are dried, remove the seeds to plant for next year.

8) Lawn also requires its share of attention. Soil preparation for planting just falls on Nov. First, pick a spot, clean it from debris, fertilize. And then planted the seeds (note to the weather, the temperature should not fall below plus 2-3 degrees).

9) don’t forget to cover the winter rose. For this, the plants need to install a box or frame, from the top to close the design of special paper and film. The film is pressed by the stones, or fix with Bobby pins. And only the top should be the edge which you can optionally open and close.

How to cover roses for the winter in November

10) Before you see snow, you can sow flower seeds of the same age. For this purpose, suitable chamomile, cornflower blue, poppy-rhoeas, delphinium Ajax, lavatera, mignonette, Phlox. The seeds are covered with earth and compost.

11) All diseased, rotten plants and fruits are collected and burned or deeply buried. Excess leaves are burned and the ash used as fertilizer.

12) tidy up the garden tools. If necessary, wash, clean, dry, and then lubricate with grease or oil.

13) clean the gutters, replace worn hoses, drain pipes and barrels of water.

14) Reinforce the cellar and other storage. Observe the mode of storage of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, both fresh and processed. Continue to sour cabbage.

To build a greenhouse in November

15) place your order in the greenhouse. Perhaps we should paint the frames, touch up putty, glass insert.

16) If November is warm enough, you can proizvestkovat the ground that it was not too sour.

As you can see, gardening is still in full swing. Hurry up to prepare everything for the winter and next year rejoice a great harvest!

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