Complex of exercises for development of the respiratory system

Proposed in the paper exercises to develop breathing is highly valuable for its purpose. Everyone has the right to pick out those that seem useful, acceptable, and affordable. Do not neglect them – because of these exercises may be just what you will be more useful today. And to feel their usefulness and effectiveness, you need to work out them with your mood and reasonable care. Here they are, these healing, exercise, learn them and use them to improve their health.

Breathing exercises

First. In the standard standing position, with straight back and tucked up belly. Hands down, both in the attention. Breathe the air, just before the dive into the water, full Breasts. Synchronously with the breath to gradually raise your arms over your head, as if preparing for flight. Keep our hands raised and, as far as possible, hold your breath. As you exhale lower hands to the starting position. Making a exercise, recall here a cleansing breath.

Second. In the same standing position. But only the hand, this time stretched forward and his hands clenched into fists. Again, you need to take a deep breath and delay with the intention to make the following motion. To allocate hands back to fists, arms and shoulders move in one plane parallel to the floor. As far back as possible fists. Return hands to the starting position. Breath arrested. To make some vigorous movements while breathing in a tolerable delay. After much waiting to exhale the air through an open mouth. And after all to run unchanged here cleansing breath.

Breathing exercises

Third. Stand in a position similar to the previous one: hands forward. Similarly, inhaled lungs full, followed by the inevitable delay in the air. During the delay to hold the arm swing backward, forward or in different directions. The output of delay implemented by a strong exhalation. Don’t forget about cleansing breath, and here it is indispensable.

Fourth. This time you can go, but exercise will not become easier. Lie on the floor face down, palms at shoulder level, resting on the floor. Should be lasting a complete breath, and further delay. During the delay, tense the whole body into a string and go up, wrung out hands from the floor. Fall slowly to the floor. Do some push-UPS, and after waiting for us a strong exhalation of air through the mouth. Crowns the work cleansing breath.

Breathing exercise

Fifth. Standing face to the wall, to rest both palms on the wall. Breathe fully and deeply, as taught us yoga breath. To hold with the pleasure of breathing. Bending your elbows, slowly bring the body and face to the wall. Then with the same healthy slow to reach the outstretched arms. After performing the movement, release delay of the air by a strong exhalation through the open mouth. As in other exercises, finish this, do the cleansing breath.

Sixth. Nothing could be simpler: stand straight, hands on hips. Immediately intake air in our lungs a full breath and hold it in himself for a while. Then you need to stretch the legs along the entire length and bend forward while exhaling air. Straighten up, returning to the initial stance. Again a full inhalation and a delay in the inflated lungs. With strained feet, this time lean back and slowly emitted air from our lungs. Back in position with a straight back. Liberally inhaled air, and the tense muscles of the legs lean to the right with simultaneous slow exhalation. When we get back to the original position, do the same but to the left. After all of course begs the cleansing breath.

Exercises for training the breath

Seventh. Can stand, can sit, as long as the spine is stretched string. Inhale fully, but in a specific way: short intermittent breaths, as if sniffing for something we were interested in. Snuff antics, finely filling lungs with air, hold it in the lungs, like a healing fragrance within us. A few seconds delay – and start a slow exhalation, more like a sigh of relief. In conclusion, I appeal to our ability to perform a cleansing breath.

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