Competition – the engine of business

Some entrepreneurs believe that the lack of competition in the niche occupied by them is great. But this is not so. Very many seek and often find opportunities for business. And if one was able to solve it, why not be able to do something? But no need to be afraid of rivals, because this will substantially improve the results.

Not so long ago appeared on the Internet application of two different firms. They propose using mobile devices to broadcast online. Now each application defends the title to be the best, because they appeared almost simultaneously.

Competition in business

Every good story good always wins. Therefore, a solid business will have a defeated opponent, which will increase the opinion about the company among customers.

You can name a few of the reasons why competition is useful in business.


Be in tension useful for success, as well as the presence of competitors. She opens her eyes to the problem, which is usually silent, forcing her to solve them as quickly as possible, instead of ignored.

Seeing that rivals in the business fill a market, conduct a successful advertising campaign, their competitors or adopt new rules, change or leave the market. Such situations encourage creative thinking that promotes big leap in the company’s activities.

Competition in business


If the business is unique, most likely, soon be feeling of serenity and satisfaction. In such a situation the company will not think about implementing something new and original that, ultimately, may lead to collapse. So there is competition there is a need to do so that to be always a step above. Strategic planning promotes business and enhances the company’s image in the market.

Customer service

Some companies «K» and «L» provide similar services and are located at a small distance from each other. But it is unclear why the company «To the» customers come more often. It is clear that the company is 100% must be better in all directions.

Competition in business

Quality services are critical for business development. They include a variety of factors, ranging from greeting customers and ending with providing services.

To earn the trust

The more players in this activity, the better for consumers who appreciate quality services. They have elections, but entrepreneurs are trying to earn the trust of customers. Expanding the list and improving the quality of goods and services, there is a constant growth and development are the main components of success in the business.

An example of this Firbit, is an American company engaged in the development and supply of electronic portable equipment for fitness and health. When I started to increase the popularity of fitness bands, Firbit suggested your product. Naturally, the company had its followers, but the secret of success was a mystery. Even after appearing on the market Nike provides similar products, the success and popularity Firbit is gaining momentum. To be on the market first or only two different values.

Competition in business

Attention to the target audience

The number of customers can vary from ten to a million. Competition in business will allow you to focus on other more prospective customers and develop them for the best deals.

Here is an example of how many firms were sent e-mail to potential customers, gift coupons on baby food or cat food. But not everyone has children or cats. These emails annoy customers, such as noisy neighbours and discourage them from offering goods and services. So companies without knowing it, losing customers.

Competition in business

You should focus on contact with the target audience, and not to waste time and money on large customer base. Understanding this is the surest way in achieving greater client confidence in the firm.

Business is impossible without change and surprises, a competent entrepreneur should not succumb to panic and to remain indifferent. You should always go to the goal, even when that road leads to competitors. For the title to be the best you need to fight!

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