Coffee – friend or foe

Coffee – the «healer» of modern society. He became one of the most famous drinks in the world. For a man accustomed to an active lifestyle, this drink is vital. Definitely not easy to find someone who has never tried this wonderful drink. But not so good coffee?

What are the benefits and dangers of coffee

As mentioned above, coffee should be drunk in order to feel cheerful, to replenish strength and open new opportunities. But about useful and harmful substances contained in the drink, or that you can or you can not use it, I bet many scientists in our time. It is no secret that coffee is a refreshing drink. It will help to be more than capable of any job and some time to sleep. Such refreshing sensation occur due to the fact that the coffee beans consist of caffeine.

How coffee affects the body

No matter how good and expensive would this drink, it has a particular effect on the body:

  1. Increases the acidity.
  2. Increased anxiety reactions.
  3. Breathing quickens, etc.

Fresh ground coffee cappuccino

Taken together, all these factors greatly affect the body. The man immediately lost the fatigue, he begins to feel energetic, accelerates the process of digestion. Coffee helps to cope with severe headaches, migraine. But, on the other hand, this drink should not be taken by people with certain diseases: vascular disease, gastritis, and many others. In this case, before drinking coffee, you should consult with your doctor to avoid any complications and other unpleasant occasions.

To drink or not to drink? That is the question

«Everything is good in moderation», this famous expression comes to this issue. Any product useful in a composition and quantity. The most favorable hours for a coffee morning. So for better digestion, this drink is better to drink after a meal.

Needless to drinking coffee

Types of coffee.

Coffee is between the coffee solution, cream, sugar. You can bring only a few types of coffee, but much more.

  1. Lungo coffee with double caffeine.
  2. Irish coffee with alcohol and thick whipped cream.
  3. Iced coffee – cool coffee with a scoop of ice cream.
  4. Mocha coffee with added chocolate, etc.

How to choose the right coffee?

For choice of the drink there are a few rules. The first rule is to choose coffee in a opaque packaging, so that the transparent packaging for long keep the grain fresh, and then selected the taste of coffee may not like.

How to choose coffee

An important rule is to choose only whole grains, intact grains contain all the beneficial properties of coffee and stay fresh longer. But the main rule is price. It is believed that the best coffee is not cheap, but very expensive and not everyone can afford. This rule operates on the coffee bean. Many are trying to find fresh, beautiful and strong coffee in the region of 1000 rubles, but it’s pointless.

Each drink is its flawless and has a special taste. Coffee drink available to all, but remember moderation, and try not to abuse it. Coffee is perfect for morning Breakfast or for a hasty «snack» at work.

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