City of the dead for the rich

Has long been called the place, which left people, Ghost cities. One of these areas is in China, on the banks of the Beibu Gulf. Despite the terrible name «the city of the dead», which was given to him by the locals, it’s a different story. This is not an abandoned place, and the elite area for the rich. Let’s find out why he was left abandoned?

Antique luxury for the Chinese

About 6 years ago began the construction of a luxurious neighborhood in the suburbs and Beihai. The architects took as the basis of antique style for the construction of villas. Luxury home with colonial columns and arches were applauded by many Chinese. The town was beautiful with green meadows and unusual fountains. At the time of completion of the most part two and three storey villas have been sold out.

The creators of the expensive district was counting on wealthy Chinese who want to invest in real estate. The cost of houses cost 500 thousand dollars.

But, a great idea came to life. The fact that more than 100 magnificent houses are without their owners, who are not even entered your property. The area is located far from major urban centers and rich people do not want to overcome long distances every day.

What are the forecasts?

In China there are a lot of Ghost towns. The developers hope that the area will develop and the owners from time to move into your home. Experts believe that such objects collapsing real estate market. Local poor people wonder the whims of the rich, while they have to live on $ 2 a day.

Whether justified predictions, and seething with life in the dead city, only time will tell. And abandoned by the owners of the house begin to crumble, and soon will require major repairs.

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