Chronic fatigue syndrome causes of death

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes of death

Scientists at the University of California in San Diego (USA) found in the human body chemical elements, characteristic only for the condition of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). According to scientists, the damage caused by these chemicals is huge and to underestimate him is just silly.

In the course of numerous tests and studies, biologists were able to detect irregularities in the metabolism. Identical chemical reactions peculiar to some insects and animals during their hibernation or diapause. Thus, scientists have concluded that regardless of the causes, further development in human CFS will sooner or later lead to disturbances in the metabolism.

According to scientists, if diapause insects (slowing of metabolic processes) necessary for survival in adverse conditions, are identical to processes in the human body lead to irreversible consequences in the form of disease, disability and even death.

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