Cheaper than Ford

Cheaper than Ford

According to analytical agencies, about half of the automotive brands represented in Russia, has increased the cost of selling cars.

According to the study, in August of this year, some of the companies have increased the cost of the same model. So, for example, has risen in price for Chevrolet Tahoe, Ravon Nexia, Fiat Punto, Toyota RAV4. In addition to a rise in price, the supplies Toyota RAV4 with a diesel engine.

Some manufacturers raised the price on several cars in the lineup. Among the «Citroens» was a growth in the value of C4 Sedan C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso. Among the car brands Peugeot prices soared on the 3008, 408 and van Partner Tepee VP.

The Koreans raised the prices on the Hyundai i30 station wagon, three-door hatchback i30, KIA Rio hatchback and sedan Cerato and Optima.

The cost reduction was observed only on the EcoSport crossover, however, stopped the supply of AWD vehicles in the configuration of the Titanium and Titanium Plus.

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