Caviar and alcohol

Alcohol, like caviar, is a constant attribute of any holiday table. And often one sakasavesa others. What drink goes best popular delicacy, and what it should not be used?

Champagne and caviar – duet with taste

For some reason, at champagne, it is customary to serve chocolate and other sweets. Only the real gourmets use caviar or red fish. And the birthplace of such a combination is considered to be France, in this country it is considered a classic.

Champagne and caviar is not only a gastronomic Duo, but a symbol of refined taste, luxury and wealth. For sparkling wines served in small pancakes or sandwiches with a noble delicacy. Anyone who has ever tried this unique combination will no longer be able to snack on champagne sweets.

The main advantage of this snack is the ease. It will not stay in the stomach for more than an hour, even under the action of a large portion of alcohol. So perfect for a night feasts, for example, the New year.

The best snack for vodka

First vodka was considered expensive product and is required to afford decent meals. It was customary to serve pickles, fish and caviar. Later as a snack began to use any other products that are put on the table. But so far, black caviar and vodka is a wonderful Duo that has a lot of advantages.

What a good combination:

  • salty taste of caviar interrupts spirits;
  • delicacy inhibits intoxication;
  • this snack reduces the negative impact of alcohol on the stomach wall.

But we must remember that the delicacy is combined only with the classic vodka without additives. Of tincture of hot pepper, pine nuts and beverages with added flavors of this appetizer is not good. Also, do not expect anything good from artificial eggs made of gelatin. Better to buy genuine and high quality products such as And then the feast will definitely be a success!

Beer-the most it!

Beer and eggs – a wonderful combination, but only if it correctly to make. Not every delicacy suitable for light or dark beer. Therefore, it may be advisable to pick up a snack or drink, but because of the high cost first, it is better to choose a drink to her.

What goes best with what:

  • sturgeon caviar goes well with porter, amber ale;
  • Beluga with a Pilsner;
  • salmon and trout Pilsner;
  • paddlefish with amber ale.

For the preparation of snacks for beer is better not to use the bread and make small sandwiches on crackers. To Butter is not necessary, but if you want you can squeeze a small strip of the pastry bag.

As for the combination of wine and caviar, it is quite a controversial issue. Someone said the best drink for the black caviar rose wine, others prefer full-bodied Chardonnay. Fans of Brut prefer to eat caviar. Some do not perceive the Duo and they can understand. Grapes and fish product – a strange combination, especially as a popular delicacy can be eaten with other alcoholic drinks, perfect to him.

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