Cataract. How to avoid premature loss of vision. Methods of treatment of cataract

Cataract is a disease that causes partial or, in some cases, a complete clouding of the lens of the eye.

With cataract, a decrease in visual capacity of the eyes and a complete loss of vision. This disease is more common in older people.

Cataract is a disease typical of any age, but occurs most often in people over age 50.

Methods of treatment of cataract

The causes of cataracts

Allocate many causes of cataracts:

  • alcohol abuse and Smoking;
  • drugs, which belong to the group of corticosteroids;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • work in areas with an increased risk for the eyes (hot shop, etc.);
  • eye injuries (trauma);
  • retinal detachment, glaucoma, iridocyclitis, and other diseases that cause the development of cataracts;
  • anemia;
  • myopia of high degree;
  • down syndrome;
  • congenital cataract.

The main symptoms stages of the disease

The first symptom of cataract is a clouding of the lens and double vision in the eye if the other eye closed. At the very first stage of the disease troubled only a small area of the eye, however, with the progression of the disease becomes turbid the whole area of the lens. With this, one becomes difficult to read, to write, he began to distinguish the faces of people and objects.

Causes of cataract

When fully clouded lens of the person does not see objects and even their contours, it can distinguish only color and light. In order to help people to navigate in space and see objects, doctors prescribed glasses with colored glass, in particular, yellow.

One symptom of cataracts is the presence of stripes and the emergence of various spots and balls that occur overwhelmingly at night.

With the development of this disease, all colors become a few shades paler, it is difficult to perceive cool colors blue and purple. In the final stages of the disease the color of the pupil becomes white.

The main symptoms of cataracts

Diagnosis and treatment of cataract

When the first symptoms of cataract should be referred to a specialist – an ophthalmologist. Clouding of the lens can be detected with the lamp plane type, by examination in transmitted light (turbidity are depicted in strips of black color) and using the method of biomicroscopy, which allows you to best identify the clouding of the eye lens.

You should not postpone the treatment of cataracts indefinitely, even if the vision has not changed for the worse. Diseases tend to progress over time, vision may deteriorate to the extent that may lead to its complete loss.

Cataract be treated in the following ways: through medical means or by surgery. In the initial stages of the disease, an ophthalmologist credited with a special eye drugs vitaphakol, . etc. which allow you to stop the disease and prevent complications.

Diagnosis and treatment of cataract

The most effective is surgical removal of cataract when possible complete removal of the clouded mass of the lens. Capsule of the crystalline lens is retained and is replaced by a flexible lens.

There is a modern ultrasound method, which you can also remove cataracts. The procedure is carried out for 10 min, while the man is only local anesthesia.

Prevention of cataracts

For congenital cataract should be avoided diseases caused by viruses, and the effects of radiation on the body. For the prevention of acquired cataract we have to deal with the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. It is recommended to avoid working with chemicals and poisons and to observe necessary safety rules when working in industries.

It is not necessary to start the disease, because the early stages of cataract development it is possible to avoid the negative consequences, but to return the lost vision is much harder or almost impossible.

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