Casual best style

Person today there are many styles in clothes. And they are more than enough to every consumer found what their. But in recent times one can see a girl in a sweater, sneakers and jeans, and her friend, for example, in sneakers and a dress, over which is an elegant business jacket.

Style kezhual

Now is the time to combine things that, at first glance, absolutely incompatible. It all merged into one casual style. The word «casual» means «casual» that fits the description of this style.

The advantages and disadvantages of casual style

Like any other style, casual style has its pros and cons. However, it is worth noting that unlike other styles of cons had virtually none. The advantages and disadvantages of this trendy today directions should be considered in more detail.

The casual style of the street

So, the pros of the style:

  1. Good emphasizes the beauty of a person, which in our time is very important.
  2. Each person has the opportunity to dress up fashionable and stylish regardless of the time of year, because brand things buy more is not necessary. Everything you need is always at hand.
  3. Fashion can be every day, since the casual style is now known all over the world, and things which are part of this style can be found in the wardrobe of every man.
  4. If you want to go to work, it also does not matter, because casual has a lot of types that makes it easy to find clothes at any event or outing.
  5. This style has many varieties, always gives the right choice.
  6. One of the main advantages of the casual style — this is freedom of choice of clothing. People are not limited by style, and it is absolutely available to whatever he wants to wear.

Style: business casual

The cons of casual style:

  1. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the measure of his clothes, and sometimes she can be a cocky species, which, of course, contrary to all aesthetic norms.
  2. You can meet people who can’t properly pick things up and combine the fact that can not be combined, or put on too many clothes, what they get uncomfortable and hard. You need to remember that in a casual style most important thing is to wear something comfortable.

Clothes in casual style available for every person, because in any wardrobe to find something suitable. No need to buy branded things to be in fashion, because for this approach and a simple sweater or a summer dress.

The casual style advantages and disadvantages

Kinds of casual style

The style of casual, has several varieties:

  • Business-casual. This is negligence, which emphasizes human dignity and figure. At the same time present the rigor and elegance, grace and uniqueness, which is not in many other styles.
  • Smart-casual. It is similar to business casual, but is more easy and not so strict. Smart casual allows for the absence of men ties, and the presence unbuttoned the top button of shirts. This style is characterized by lightweight clothes sewing, which allows it to sit freely on the body. Also, unlike the previous species, for style smart casual variety of colors possible, which makes it easier when choosing the right clothes.

Style chic casual look

  • Street casual. This kind of casual style embodies the fact that people today often see on the streets, that is the usual casual wear, in which the only limits is the limits of decency and ethics.
  • Chic-casual. Represents the ability to combine, what to combine, it would seem impossible, for example, a blouse with a smart-casual and jeans, typical of the style of street casual.

The casual style types and varieties

  • Sports casual. Very similar to street casual, but there are some features. This, for example, loose jeans, sports blown jackets, shoes and sneakers, and accessories from fabric bracelets. Absolute taboo here is an elegant pendants, delicate bracelets and many other similar products.

Every kind of casual style unique in its kind, therefore, despite the different fashion trends of summer, winter or fall, you shouldn’t give up what you like. Don’t be like the others, be unique in your choice.

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