Castor oil is a unique tool with useful properties

In the 20th century, castor oil was used to frighten children. Currently it is used in medicine and in the cosmetic industry. The most common use women for their own purposes. This tool perfectly smoothes the wrinkles, improves the condition of the hair and skin.

Castor oil from castor seed

Castor is a unique tool with useful properties

This tool is obtained from the seeds of the castor bean. Castor oil plant grows in our environment, but in the tropics it is evergreen and reaches a height of about 10 meters. Flowers creamy-white, in racemes. Seeds ripen in pods, are larger than one centimeter, its form reminiscent of the tick. This feature influenced the name of the plant. Castor beans are very poisonous, but in the castor oil of toxic substances no.

Quality oil is produced by cold pressing. Oil lower grade than obtained when hot-pressed under the action of solvents. There is a special kind of castor oil – Jamaican. It is obtained by roasting with the absorption of the castor bean seed and has a black color. Useful properties of this oil are more pronounced and more.

The plant from which castor oil

A large part of castor oil consists of glycerides, which explains its density, tanaceti and viscosity.

Castor oil is used in medicine as a laxative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent in cosmetics for different purposes.

It is not recommended to use this tool during pregnancy, people with individual intolerance components.

Castor oil in medicine for massage

Application in medicine

Castor oil has long been known as a good laxative. For this purpose, excellent oil capsules.

In addition, it possesses remarkable analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. This is the massage the affected part with the use of castor oil. Such procedures well cleanse the liver and help to treat arthritis.

Castor oil for hands

Application in cosmetology

Castor oil is widely used by women for different purposes:

  1. This drug has long been used to improve hair and eyelashes. Frequent use, application of, causes not only healthy hair, but also intensely nourishes the roots. Hair becomes stronger, resistant to damage, cease to split. Eyebrows and eyelashes grow thick and lush. But stubborn that is his fault.
  2. This drug is used to improve external and internal condition of the skin. Cosmetologists notice that the castor nourishes and moisturizes the skin, gently smoothes wrinkles, slows the aging process. To use oil not recommended when the propensity to allergies. This is due to the high content of ricinoleic acid. It is best to apply it on the skin together with other components.
  3. This drug is used to improve the skin. Kastorovoe oil – antimicrobial and disinfectant drug in various skin infections. With regular use, removes papillomas and warts. Well just to grease your hands overnight with this oil as cream.
  4. This drug is used to improve the skin of feet. It disinfects and softens the soles of the feet, heels and feet.

Castor oil for personal care

The little things that you need to know

When choosing castor oil should:

  1. To give preference for use in cosmetic purposes means of cold pressing, because it has more useful properties.
  2. Before applying castor oil, you need to read the instructions because not all oils can be used internally.
  3. Before applying always do a test on the portability of components. If there is itching, allergic to dairy, its use is not recommended.
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