Care of fruit-bearing bushes in the garden

Sea buckthorn, currants, honeysuckle and gooseberry require special attention in the summer because they actively fruit or preparing for the appearance of the fruit, and to harvest have pleased the grower it is important to time pruning, weeding and processing of these shrubs.

Currants: pruning, fertilizer, care

In order to get a good crop of currants it is important to trim the stems and properly fertilize the shrub. Such procedure is preferably carried out in the summer.

How to care for a currant in the garden

You need to trim all the broken and withered branch of a currant, and branches that are very low to the ground. On currants should remain the branches with 3-5 shoots each, and the strongest should be left up to 8 shoots. During the procedure of circumcision it is important to avoid crossing branches. Some gardeners pinch out the top shoots of currants in order to reduce the growth rate of shoots, but this is not necessary.

Fertilize the bushes with a custom wood ashes. For this soil near the Bush free from fallen leaves or herbs, sift the ashes, and intervene in the land through cultivation, and then cover the ground with humus.

The care of gooseberries

Gooseberry it is important to water it in the summer as often as possible to weed out the Bush from weeds and loosen the soil underneath, so you can get a great crop of berries. In addition, ripe berries should be collected in a timely manner, to avoid subsidence and rot on them.

Some care is needed gooseberries in the garden

There are different varieties of gooseberries and there are those that ripen at the same time, so in such cases it is not necessary to wait for full maturity, but first to gather the first ripe, and then the other.

In the same way as with currants, gooseberries should spend the summer pruning of weak branches, even recommended to remove some of the berries, which made up 1/4 of the value in order to obtain larger and other sweet berries.

During the summer period as is the selection of weak and strong gooseberry bushes, and not only him. So the gardener is worth watching, with some bushes was a good harvest of berries and what not and after collecting even a minimal harvest is to dig a Bush.

Honeysuckle and buckthorn in the summer

Picking berries honeysuckle occurs in the period of June and beginning of July, so the remaining summer months, this shrub requires mostly weeding, pruning or culling.

What care needs the honeysuckle in the garden

Here are a few of the procedures they are required to conduct after harvest of honeysuckle:

  • inspect the bushes and eliminate the presence of pests, if it turns out twisted sheets, it is a sign of the emergence of aphids, so you should handle the honeysuckle means «INTA-VIR» or «Hom», damaged the leaves and branches need to collect and burn;
  • should dig the ground around the Bush about 10 cm. in depth;
  • be sure to feed the bushes nutrient fertilizer such as mullein, birds droppings, you can use and purchase concentrated fertilizers;
  • cost to mulch the soil under the honeysuckle humus, spruce branches or peat, because its roots are close enough to the surface;
  • trim the Bush is recommended in early September.

How to care for the garden.

Sea buckthorn in early July, just getting ready to fruit, so it is important to preserve crops before maturation. When the green berries must often inspect the plant on the subject of pests. Order future harvest is not broke branches, you should take care to stand for the branches.

It is also recommended to remove the shoots from the roots of sea-buckthorn, this growth process from the soil and the shears cut off from the main root of the Bush.

In the summer you can feed the sea buckthorn based fertilizer nitrogen. But to get involved in a dressing is not necessary.

So, in order to harvest berries pleased grower during summer months is to properly care for fruit-bearing bushes in the garden, do not forget about proper watering, weeding and pruning.

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