Care for Apple trees in the autumn

Autumn is not only a time of harvest, but the season of the preparation of the garden for the cold weather. Special attention should be paid to fruit trees, particularly Apple trees. Apple is one of the most popular fruit trees in gardens across the country. Therefore, in this article we will talk about it, although the rules described below is suitable for other fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs.

Apple trees in autumn

Care of Apple trees reduced to a few simple rules.

Cleaning all the old leaves and fruit

This applies not only to apples in the village, but those that remain on the trees. Of course, the rule in the first place, should be applied to young trees, as older leaves can be betting the future of the kidney and subsequently affect the growth and development of the crown of the tree. The fallen leaves are a perfect home for various species of insects, including pests. Also they can develop various moulds and fungal organisms! Apples can also cause disease in the tree, so do not leave them on the trees for birds. Better to hang a bird feeder nearby or, if allows the size of the tree, on it, it will attract feathered helpers in your garden.


Yabluniv vosene

If during the summer the Apple tree has undergone any disease (mites, insects, fungus), the fallen leaves need to burn!

If not, then you can send in the compost and in the spring you will have a wonderful fertilizer.

Cutting branches

Trim should not only dry and broken branches, but quite healthy at first glance, branches that will interfere with getting a good harvest. The young tree is all lower branches to 40 cm from the ground. The growth of the tree, these branches will take force for its development, and then, most likely, will not stand the weight of fruit and will break. In practice, experienced gardeners these branches are cut always. Can also be cut off and other branches that interfere with the formation of healthy and strong crown.

Yabluniv vosene

Whitewashing the trunks

Such action is necessary to carry out in the fall. As the whitewash modern colors for fruit trees not only protects from insects, but also increases the frost resistance, and, most importantly, protects from the aggressive March of the sun (when the snow is gone and the ability to handle the trees), the spring sun is dangerous for trees, reflecting from snow, it increases its harmful effect. Tree bark is heated, and at night when the temperature again becomes negative, may crack. Cracks can lead to decay and death of the tree.

Protection from rodents

It can be used as a special garden of paint, so to try and folk remedies (red pepper, sprinkled on the ground around the trunk, twigs tied branches down to the trunk, wrapping the trunks with cloth soaked with sharply smelling agents and so forth).

How to prepare the tree for winter

If the number of large rodents, it is better to use multiple methods of protection.

These are the basic actions that you must perform in the fall.

Some gardeners with good intentions spend feeding Apple trees in the fall, it is highly recommended not to do so. There is a danger that the possible short-term return of warmth, induced thus plants will mix up the season and bloom. And, of course, will not have time to develop new buds for the winter.

Apple trees in the garden in the fall

The start time for winter preparation varies depending on the region from the beginning of September until the end of November. The end time also depends on when your location is set to negative temperature. It is very important for whitewash, one of the main conditions of successful quality whitewash – zero temperature!

These four rules will allow you not only to prepare the apples for the cold, but also increase the harvest for the next season! Because a good winter trees provides abundant flowering in the spring, and hence the opportunity to obtain a greater harvest in the fall.

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