Brain cancer: methods of treatment in Israel

Brain cancer in Israel are treated in accordance with high standards due to medical advances in the twenty-first century. Israeli doctors have a high level of qualification, public funding allows you to equip the clinic with the most modern high-tech equipment, and open type of the health care system – immediately introduce into everyday practice all the latest developments that appear in the world.

The treatment regimen is selected individually for each patient, taking into account all its characteristics, as well as the type of tumor, its size, stage of development, the location of the tumor; also takes into account the patient’s age and comorbidities.

In most cases surgical intervention is performed to remove the tumor. The neurosurgeons who treat brain cancer in Israel, guarantee that the method of tumor removal is selected so as to minimize the volume of interventions and injuries, and all brain functions, including speech, vision and motor function, doctors are retained as fully as possible in each case.

The main goal of Israeli neurosurgeons and neurooncologist – reducing the number of operations on the open brain. Increasingly doctors prefer the use of technology called «CyberKnife» — a modern technology that allows the directional impact on the tumor by the x-ray beam without craniotomy and damage to the neighboring diseased tissues. Often, in order to reduce the size of the tumor before using the cyber-knife, used for radiation therapy.

In addition to the described methods, brain cancer in Israel actively treated by the methods of endoscopic surgery and minimally invasive neurosurgery. Brain cancer is the only type of disease that does not give metastases to adjacent organs, which significantly increases the patient’s chances for recovery

For the palliative treatment is also used for chemotherapy. Rigorous certification process ensures that used drugs of the highest quality and have minimal side effects on the body.

At the disposal of the Israeli neurooncologic better existing equipment, years of experience and world experience of treating cancer of the brain, which allows us to give patients the best prognosis.

In addition, it offers patients who choose to treat brain cancer in Israel , the high quality of service that takes into account all the needs of patients of different ages, and prices available to everyone.

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