Billionaires who lost his fortune

Everyone in his life faced with some losses. Who have lost friends, some money. What amount you are lost, it hardly can compare with the shocking loss of some billionaires who lost his capital in the shortest terms. Meet the billionaires, who were without their state.

1. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Mar once managed to cobble together a fortune. Being a former model, she was able to build a media Empire from scratch. And earned billions she while in prison, when its shares soared. Lost his billions Stewart instantly due to the fall in the value of shares.

2. Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Johnson founded cable channel BET, after its sale he became a billionaire. However, only a few years during the divorce process with his wife, Johnson lost half his fortune. In 2007, he made attempts to regain his fortune, but the collapse of the market prevented him to reach the goal.

3. Frank Levinson

Frank Levinson

Levinson is known as an investor and successful entrepreneur. After the founding of the «Finsar Corporation» Levinson earned about two billion dollars. But, after the divorce, as well as lower prices for the company, he lost his status.

4. Bobby Ray Johnson-say.

Bobby ray Johnson-say.

A businessman from America founded the company «Centillion Networks», which was later acquired for nearly $ 150 million, «Bay Networks». It was soon bought by the Corporation «Nortel Networks» with all the technology Bobby ray Johnson Jr. has for a price ten times higher, and the placement of the Corporation on the exchange have raised her stock 500%, which brought Bobby about 2 billion. But after some time the stock collapsed, quickly depriving Bobby of his condition.

5. Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman

Popular journalist became rich by successfully marrying the heiress «General Growth Properties». The wife’s company was worth about 4 billion $, but because of the crisis the price fell to $ 20 million. Although the journalist is not quite owned these billions, yet his loss is quite noticeable.

6. Sanjiv Sidhu

Sanjiv Sidhu

Businessman from USA of Indian origin rich, founded the company i2 Technologies. In twelve years of activity of the company as Sanjeev has increased to $ 10 billion, but over the years Sanjeev has lost a good part of their money when the company’s stock price plummeted. Sidhu managed to save some of their money, but a billionaire it is no longer.

7. Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis

The widow of the famous billionaire, who founded the company Davis Petroleum, having lost her husband, became the owner of $ 5.8 billion. But a year after the death of Marvin Davis, the company went bankrupt, and his wife lost their wealth.

8. Sam Wylie

Sam Wylie

A businessman from Dallas when could please jobs for thousands of people. His wealth he earned through investment in different areas of business. Teaming up with brother Sam bought the farm and established offshore funds that the plan was to pay them huge sums to the end of life. The condition of the Sam is estimated as 1.1 billion dollars, but at the moment he is bankrupt, because it owed to the Tax office of America millions, and even paid huge sums ex-wife.

9. John Quinn

John Quinn

The man the world knows as Sean Quinn became one of the billionaires in 2008, when he had about $ 6 billion. Once, taking a wrong decision, Shawn has lost his fortune. He took a huge loan to Anglo-Irish Bank and now owe him billions of dollars. And his state is no more.

10. Anton Slicer

Anton Slicer

Anton owned a chain of pharmacies «Slicer», which earned him 10.3 billion. This business has made him one of the wealthiest men not only in his native Germany, but worldwide. Until 2003, its pharmacy chain consisted almost 13 thousand pharmacies, but this business could not withstand competition. Three years ago, Slacker went bankrupt, as stated officially.

11. Gudmundsson, Bjorgolfur

Gudmundsson, Bjorgolfur

Businessman with the unpronounceable name when he had estimated more than a billion dollars. But, without making any huge debts, a businessman went bankrupt in 2009.

12. Adolf Merckle

Adolf Merckle

The late businessman was in the top five of the richest people in Germany, his condition had nearly $ 10 billion. But, several times risking their funds, it is bankrupt that proved Adolf to suicide.

13. Alberto Vilar

Alberto Vilar

Known in the art world personality, Alberto was once a billionaire, wealthy on investments. It had about $ 1 billion, but when Alberto caught in fraud, he lost his wealth, and instead received a prison sentence.

14. Robert Allen Stanford

Robert Allen Stanford

Robert, being a citizen of America and Antigua, was able to provide financial support to politicians of the two countries. He had 2 billion dollars, but it soon became clear that Robert is the Creator of the financial pyramid, and because of this, he lost all his savings. Now, Stanford is serving a period of 110 years.

15. Eike Batista

Eike Batista

A businessman from Brazil earned $ 30 billion, mining minerals. But by 2013, this huge amount were only millions, a year later, his condition not only zeroed out, but left in a minus. Eike now can be safely called a negative billionaire.

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