Billionaires, who left his children without an inheritance

Recently leaked information that two Russian businessman at the same time intend to deprive their children of his father’s legacy. 46-year-old oligarch Alexander Mamut and known Michael Friedman argue that all the capital would like to give to charity. Now consider another well-known business tycoons, who are deprived of their favorite children means to a normal coexistence.

Co-owner of the consortium «Alfa-Group» Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Fridman

The oligarch recently has repeatedly stated that it will deprive their children of their inheritance. And he had, a son and three daughters. He is convinced that children must learn how to achieve prosperity and financial success.

Bill Gates

The sole owner of capital of $58-60 billion made a statement that only a small part will leave to their children. Bill gates brings this to the fact that children must work hard and earn as their own. They will get only 0.02% of his fortune. Almost all his capital, he decided to transfer to charity. Gates intends to send to a charitable organization that helps marginalized people in Africa.

Bill Gates

According to Berezovsky, this would be a great example for the children. Gates will give them the opportunity to improve and achieve financial success with their work, while all of his financial assets will work for the benefit of the people.

Vladimir Potanin

Vladimir Potanin

The owner of the company «Interros» also decided, inspired by the example of American colleagues, to enumerate a significant portion of financial assets on charity. According to the tycoon, such an example will undoubtedly be a positive stimulus for the spiritual development of children. It will help them to improve and achieve success through their own efforts, while his personal financial assets will work for a good cause for the Russian people.

Most successful investor Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

According to the oligarch, his children he gives the required amount of money, which will suffice for the development of your favorite things. On this basis, Warren Buffett is going to give to charity around 88-90% of its assets. In the recent past, he made a statement in which he said U.S. lawmakers need to «break as many skins» with wealthy Americans, who is he.

Alexander Mamut

Aleksandr Mamut

The billionaire wrote that he was ready to pass on their financial assets of the funds, do good for Russia. He believes that this act will teach the descendants to independently achieve success in life without relying on his name and status. Of course, he’s going to leave to their descendants.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook suddenly announced to journalists that in the near future is going to transfer 96-98% of earned his company shares to charity.

According to the entrepreneur, conceived the investment in the charity would be the best investment in the future of his daughter.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

In the past the mayor of NY, whose funds Finance is estimated at $18-20 billion, and wished to replenish the assets of the charitable Foundation created by him. Thus, leaving their children without their legacy.

On a post of the mayor of NY, financial analyst outlined the payment for their labor $1 to demonstrate their independence.

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