Best parkourist in the world

Parkour is very popular among today’s youth. It can be defined as a kind of overcoming of various obstacles in the city, acrobatics in a metropolis. As obstacles can be used as an ordinary architectural structures, and specially created designs for practicing this sport. In many countries, the parkour is positioned as a form of fitness.


Who are the tracers?

People who do parkour are called traceurs». The basic tenets of these athletes: strength development and proper application, ability to easily overcome obstacles using only their bodies.


Star parkour

The world’s best parkourist, lives in the UK, in the small town of Derby, to call him Damien Walters. The future of acrobat, gymnast, traceur was born on 6 April 1982. Is a professional stuntman, gymnastics coach and acrobatics. In early childhood, the parents of Damien noticed the desire of his son somewhere to climb, jump. First flip, though unsuccessful, he tried to do at the age of 5 years. Seeing the desire of his son to play sports, his parents took him to gymnastics section.

Damien Walters

Interesting video that shows the cool parkour in the world, appeared on the Internet in 2007. The main role belonged to the Damien Walters. He impressed everyone with its ease, flexibility, speed and creativity. The video has gained a huge number of views, after a lot of teenagers and young men decided to try myself in this discipline. To date Damien has behind more than 20 years of difficult training. On the day he pays them about 4-5 hours to constantly progress in your favorite pastime.

Jump British stuntman

Recently, he received the title of world champion with team GB at the world team championship, where he exhibited the best parkour in the world. Damien Walters holds the title of European champion. Feature of acrobat is the ability to easily perform complicated tricks elements. The famous Jackie Chan could not help noticing a talented man, he called him to his stunt group, which consists of the most experienced members of the profession. The group belongs to brad Allan.

Acrobat Damien Walters

The experience makes itself felt today in the Internet you can find a large number of unique items made by Damien Walters. Some of them have become the most popular and gained a huge amount of hits on certain web sites. The recorded videos with his participation inspire people, serve as a start for sports. This stuntman enjoys a worldwide reputation. In 2009 he was invited as a judge for the world championship.

Stunts By Damien Walters

Acrobatic stunts in the movie

Damien was in the movie. In the famous movie Hellboy 2, acrobat was understudy for Luke gross. Directed the 2009 film Ninja assassin is also not without its participation. Behind him several more famous paintings.

Damien Walters in the movie

Flying Prince

For his talent, Damien was nicknamed the flying Prince. This man has a tremendous speed of execution of complex elements and incredible response. His performances are distinguished by their creativity. He has not only a strong body but also great strength of spirit, without which to perform such dangerous stunts is simply impossible.

Damien Garet Walters

Watching as Damien Walters easily perform the most difficult and dangerous tricks that other people simply do not dare, it is safe to say that he’s the best parkourist planet. Of course, behind this move are a grueling workout and great tenacity. His performances are fascinating, they seem to contradict the law of gravity. Every year, Damian increases his skills and reveals great talent.

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