Best hair straightener

Flat irons have a special device for hairstyling and hair styling. The main element in this device is a plate that can be made from ceramic, titanium and tourmaline plates. To find the best hair straightener, you should pay special attention to this element and to give preference to well-known brands. And since the range of such devices is large enough sometimes to make the right choice very difficult. Therefore, we offer you a list, whose list you will see which hair straightener is the best.

Ceramic plates

Bosch PHS2560

Bosch PHS2560 is best features an iron can be used daily. This hair straightener best price is about 2000 rubles. Using this device, it is possible to regulate the temperature under the type of hair. Heat of the straightener is quite fast, allowing in record time to create an original hairstyle. The pad is not allows the hair to peresushivaya due to the effect of ionization. The hair straightener shuts off automatically after an hour of work.

Philips HP8344

The next best iron among products with ceramic insert is considered to be Philips HP8344, which can be purchased at the price of 1500 rubles. The device heats up quickly and does not dry the hair preventing it from breakage. Is a great rectifier for use in the home.

Remington S6500, yakі

Remington S6500 allows not only straighten, but also to create beautiful wavy curls. Under additional features make the device the best, enabling ladies to easily simulate your hair style, striking beauty. You can purchase the device at a price of 2000 rubles.

HS4105 binaton

Pad Binaton HS4105 is a budget model, the cost of which is approximately equal to 1000. Has low power, and body products are made in five colours.

Tourmaline plates

GA.I IHT Tourmaline Slim

A hair iron is the best professional is product GA.MA. Usually this is used in beauty salons, but you can buy a device for home use. The most popular tourmaline straighteners are the flat irons GA.MA IHT TourmalineSlim that differ by even heating of the plates and ease of operation. In this device, the value of which is equal to 3000 rubles, there is a memory function that allows you to restore the last setting. Externally, the device is a display and all buttons to prevent accidental taps located inside the product.

Remington S1051

Pad Remington S1051 allows you to gently style your hair without damaging them. On a special screen seen necessary for the straightening temperature. Buy iron at a price of about 2000 rubles.

Harizma H10334

Harizma H10334 is a great iron for hair with an automatic shut-off. But such a function is configured by the user. You can purchase the device for 2000 rubles.

Bellissima FC16(1737U)

Hair iron Bellissima FC16(1737U) provides smooth styling thanks to the active plates of the floating type. Among the tourmaline products this device, the value of which is equal to 2100 rubles, is considered the best.

Titanium plates

GA.ya IHT Titanium Slim

And here again, first place goes to GA.MA. Kind to the hair and has an excellent lifetime iron GA.MA IHT TitaniumSlim, which is heated to the desired temperature in just ten seconds. While styling your hair this device are not confused hair and look great for several days. Using this pad, which costs about 3200 rubles, the hair is easy to give additional glow.

BasByliss ST70E

Straightener ST70E BasByliss has a comfortable and heat-resistant casing. Is a function of ionization, which does not allow to overdry the hair. Buy titanium flat iron, it is possible for 2500 rubles. mіnі TitaniumIonP21.MINITI

GA.MA Mini TitaniumIonP21.MINITI among the low and small in size device is best. Great for styling hair in the conditions of travel. Usually used for straightening hair in the region of the roots. To buy this iron is 990 rubles.

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