Best goalkeeper in world football

The goalkeeper can be called one of the main players on the football field. Sometimes it depends on the score and the victory. But let’s find out who’s the best goalkeeper in the history of football?

1 Lev Yashin

Lev Yashin

If you’re wondering who the best goalkeeper in world football, it is a legend, of course, Lev Yashin. His name should be called in the first place, because it is recognized as the best goalkeeper of all time. No wonder this goalie nicknamed «the Black Panther» – he surprised the audience «cat» jumps with high accuracy. He could quickly jump into the «epicenter» of the players and at the last moment to shoot the ball with the head forward. Also the Golden ability Yashin was a great skill in defending a penalty, and in those days it was harder to do than nowadays. He was the only owner of «Golden ball». In 1956. he became Olympic champion. Died legendary goalkeeper after he turned sixty years old.

2 Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks

In the best goalkeepers of the world Cup can be attributed to this English player who played for the English national team 73 matches. In 35 of them he was guarding the gate and never gave the opponents no chance. Banks differed a great jumping ability and incredible response. However, a career in England did not last long – a 34-year old football player ended up in disaster, which has lost one eye.

3 Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer

First, this goalie was just included in the list of best keepers, but now he heads the ratings. And all thanks to the fact that Bayern, which plays Neuer, won five matches out of six, which occurred in 2013 And to the successful completion of the games Neuer, so to speak, had a hand.

4 Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon

One of the best goalkeeper is Buffon, who plays for the Italian national team and Juventus. Fourteen years in a row Buffon is not leaving stars out of the top keepers. And four times he was recognized as the goalkeeper number one.

5 Petr Cech

Peter Cech

The tenth season Cech plays at Chelsea and is recognized as the clear leader there. Seven times he got into the top three among goalies. However, last year was Chelsea’s not very good, but too far gone to call it impossible.

6 Dino Zoff

Dino Zoff

It can be called a great goalkeeper for Juventus and the Italian national team. When he stands at the gate, his colleagues calm, because I know that guard is a real Pro. The team of Juventus for all seasons at the club dzoffa not occupied in the Championship of the world below the third place. At the age of forty, the goalkeeper played in the world Cup in 1982 and subsequently in his hands handed over the world Cup.

7 Victor Valdes

Victor Valdes

The goalkeeper of «Barcelona», in principle, was never a Keeper of the first magnitude, but showed himself as a true professional in the business. In the past year, thanks to valdés at Barcelona managed to take the Supercup of Spain.

8 Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas

Starting from 2008. the captain of real Madrid was voted the best goalkeeper in the world. But today he is in the short list – the coach put him on the club the bench, and Casillas played today in the Champions League and the Spanish Cup.

9 Salvatore Sirigu

Salvatore Sirigu

27-year-old goalkeeper may displace Buffon, but he still need to work hard. 2013 became for the goalkeeper «Paris St Germain» quite successful, as it was his first victory in the super Cup and the Championship of France.

Here is a list of the best goalkeepers for a game which is closely watched by all football fans. While the quality of goalkeepers is unlikely to affect their growth, but some publications even make the ratings of players on this parameter. Today is the shortest goalkeeper in football is the Mexican Oscar Perez, whose height is 172 cm

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