Best footballer in the world

Clearly say which competitor has a catchy title – the best player in the world, it is impossible. To determine the name of the player, you must consider a number of factors, such as stability, number of goals and awards. According to the results, it is possible to allocate two players whose services to the sport command respect – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

With a slight advantage in this race for the championship will win Messi, the player of Spanish «Barcelona». About it today, we’ll talk.


Childhood Messi

Future star of Argentine football, Lionel Messi, was born 27 years ago in a simple working family that already had two sons. Later Lionel appeared sister.

In five years the boy began to play football. Despite the fact that his father worked as a coach for the local FC «Grandola», the only person who saw in the boy great football player, was a grandmother. This woman subsequently Messi will dedicate all of their goals. Even then he demonstrated such qualities as the ability to beat defenders, had a high impact among the forwards.


Three years later, Lionel has played for FC «Newells old Boy». When the boy was 10, his team managed to win the Friendship Cup in Peru.

And everything would be fine, but at 11 years of age heard the verdict of doctors – a shortage of growth hormone (somatropin). Who knows what would have been fate simple boys, if not for Carles Rexach. Director of FC Barcelona picked up all the hospital costs themselves. From that moment began the ascent of the young «Maradona» in the youth team of Barcelona.


When, on 17 November 2003 during a friendly match, Messi first got on the field as a team player of «Barcelona». Then the young player drew the attention of the press.

In December 2005, the footballer was awarded the title of «Golden boy». Despite the age, the Argentine did not give reason to doubt the high level of the game.

Soon Lionel Messi was playing under the number 10. In 2009, Messi has never lost its more experienced players, became not only the best player in Europe, but also awarded the Golden ball.

Messi and the ball

In the same year, Messi was able to give odds to Cristiano Ronaldo 240 points. Barcelona and Messi signed a contract valid until 2016. The amount of compensation will be 250 million euros.

Thanks to the intuition of the coach, his talent and endurance, Messi managed to improve the speed and dribble to perfection.

Goal number 100 the best football player in the world scored during the game Barcelona — Sevilla. Even then, at 22, was not able to reach such heights. Precision punches of the envy of many.

This man has become a universal player. He is equally good in attack and in defence. Messi has the ability to give great passes to teammates.

At the end of 2012, Lionel Messi managed to beat the leader of the «real» Cristiano Ronaldo. This year has brought the player a fourth «Golden ball».


Family Messi

Despite the achievements, Messi remains humble guy. His restraint recognized by journalists who managed to visit about three novels of world football stars.

In 2009 there was a meeting of Antonella Rocuzzo and Leo, they had known each other since childhood, but only now broke out between them romance. In 2011, young people became parents. In honor of his son, Messi was tattooed on his left leg with a picture of his son, and his name.

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