Best electric shaver

Efficiency is the first criterion on which pay attention men, when choosing a razor. Another important factor is the choice of the manufacturer of the device.

If your razor is inoperable and requires replacement, then the best option is to appliance the same company, just a newer model. In that case, if You buy a razor for the first time, you must be knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of various manufacturers and models, which should pay attention when buying the device.

Electric shaverElectric shaver

The pros and cons of electric razors

The best electric shaver that You would like to purchase, you can have both pluses and minuses in the operation.

    In electric razors there are a number of advantages over conventional machines:
  • First of all, thanks to electric shavers men can shave dry. In this case, there is no need to use foams and gels for shaving.
  • No need to search for water, especially in the context of trips, expeditions and travels. Dry shaving contributes to a more careful removal of the hair, prevents the appearance of damage on the skin.
  • After using the electric razor does not leave cuts and abrasions.
  • Another undoubted advantage of razors, powered by electricity, is to save time. The whole shaving process takes a couple of minutes.

Advantages of electric razorsAdvantages of electric razors

    There are electric razors and disadvantages:
  • Dependence on the network. This problem can be solved, as many modern razors come with batteries.
  • Do not forget that a razor that is powered by electricity, like any technique requires careful attention and thorough care to himself. She needs regular washing. For most men this is a significant drawback, since the procedure of shaving requires additional time. In this case, you can opt for a razor that has a self-cleaning function.

Below we offer You some of the most popular and reliable models of electric razors for the year 2016.

Braun 720s-4 Series 7

A huge number of people speak positively about this model of electric shavers. She is the best selling this year. Users like the power and convenience of this razor. It can be called the best razor 2016.

The Braun 720s category-4 series 7Braun 720s-4 Series 7

This shaver relates to grid models. Veins can last for two years. It depends on frequency of use. It works from the network. Its undoubted advantage is the possibility of recharging the battery is of high quality. The fact that the five minute quick charge will provide twenty minutes of work offline. The model has both dry and wet shaving. If you charge the device for about an hour, there is enough power for hours of work.

This razor can safely take a shower. It will never fall out of hand due to rubberized handle. The device is equipped with an adjustable block. Shaving heads floating. The kit contains a case for travelling and cleaning brush.

This electric razor combines the price, quality, a variety of features to the original design. It will be a great gift for any man.

Panasonic ES-RT37

This shaver is the grid model. From the network, this model not only works from the battery. In order to work out the hours in the standalone mode, the razor should be charged for 54 minutes. Also available is the quick charge function, which can last up to ten times the shaving of bristles on the face.

Panasonic ES-RT37Panasonic ES-RT37

Thanks to the floating heads the shave is smooth and uniform. The model is equipped with a trimmer.

The ratio of price and quality of this shaver is one of the best among the similar products. Brand Panasonic reliable and time-tested.

Philips S9151

This shaver is a rotary model. It is powered by a battery, almost silently. Shaver can operate without recharging for about an hour. Shaver Philips S915 has three heads and is designed for all types of shaving. Knives must be changed no more than once per year. Thanks to the rubberized grip the razor can be safely used in the bathroom. This electric shaver from Philips comes with a trimmer.

Philips S9151Philips S9151

This model is the best among rotary razors this year. Almost one hundred percent of those who used it, only leave a positive feedback about the device. It is very stylish and modern. This razor is pretty expensive, but it justifies the money. Philips S9151 will be a wonderful gift for men for any occasion.

Braun Series 5 5050cc

This model network. The razor is quite powerful. Its advantage is that it can work from the mains and from the battery. Is there a fast charging option. A special indicator will tell you when you must charge the device. The lack of injury is provided with two shaving heads. One hour charge provides 45 minutes of continuous operation.

Braun 5050cc Series 5Braun Series 5 5050cc

The shaver is designed only for dry shaving. But it is very convenient, especially when traveling or camping. The kit includes a carrying case for transportation.

This model is most suitable for travelers. Another positive point is the affordable price.

Philips HP 1260CC

Philips RQ 1260CCPhilips HP 1260CC

It’s a great razor, relates to rotary models. Waterproof Housing unit. Unit movable electric shaver with floating heads and cleaning station «Jet Clean». It is powered by a battery, which can provide an hour of work. The model is equipped with different indicators, which show when you need to recharge the device, change the blades or thoroughly clean the device. Razor is designed for all types of shaving. It is equipped with a protective cap and cleaning brush. There is also a case for travel.

Those who have already experienced the operation of the device, evaluated its chic design, careful shave and a strong battery. This razor is a great way to make a surprise to your other half.

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