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DVR is not an element of decor of the vehicle, and the device, without which it is difficult to imagine any modern car. Using the DVR you can prove your innocence in an accident or commit the extortion attempt on the part of employees of traffic police. The best DVR in the desired sector of the motorist no less than Jack.

The first analogue of this device was set in the distant 1906, the tram and it was filmed footage of the earthquake in San Francisco. The first DVRs were used as tracking devices on military vehicles in the early 70-ies of the last century and only in the last decade is widespread among private car owners.

The BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500 GW HD

This device is one of the most compact and expensive recorders on the market. Has excellent recording quality and a wide viewing angle. It is equipped with a large enough memory card (16Mb), G-sensor and Wi-Fi module and GPS. But there is one significant problem – you will not be able to commit the necessary time, if the engine is not running, own battery in the DVR no, which is surprising, considering the high price of this device.

The model is BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500 GW HD

The receptionist is very lightweight – it weighs only 118 grams and is with all fasteners. Also, the advantages of this model include the lack of cables, the device works with Wi-Fi module. During the day it allows you to clearly consider the machine room at a distance of up to 7 meters, and up to 12. Of all the currently existing DVRs is one of the best indicators. Degree survey is about 130, and high video compression allows you to save on the memory card a large amount of information. The internal memory of the device no.

The BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500 GW HD

To begin using the logger, you must first download special free software to your smartphone and then connect via a Wi-Fi modem. This software allows you to manage all settings and view previously recorded videos on the phone. However, at the moment the program has not yet adapted fully and not always quickly finds the DVR.

DVR Highscreen Black Box A5

Models with low cost this is, perhaps, the best DVR. It is quite compact and easy to remove and install. Video quality, filmed at night and the daytime is very good and the battery lasts for 10 minutes of recording in Full HD format. This model is equipped with a good set of cables, but no memory card, it is necessary to buy separately.

DVR Highscreen Black Box A5

The DVR has wide angle of view and during recording, no background noise, typical of other models. But it should be noted that the memory card is hammered quickly – the recording bitrate of 9-12 Mbps. This housing is made of lightweight plastic material with metal edges. To configure the DVR, you can use small buttons, but because at that time you must watch the display to make it will be very difficult, if the device is already attached to the windshield.

Equipment Highscreen Black Box A5

This model is mounted using suction cups and holds pretty well. Cable length of 4 meters is enough to hold it under the upholstery. A live recording of the language is very clear, however, a common set of settings is very limited.

DVR AdvoCam-FD7 Profi-GPS

This model applies to the more expensive, but quite good quality video. Battery lasts for half an hour of recording and has a memory card of 4 GB that can boast not every device in this price range. Complete this DVR includes a memory card, a few cables, manual and a special plug for charging smartphone or tablet.

DVR AdvoCam-FD7 Profi-GPS

High resolution recording and the almost complete absence of extraneous noise can also be attributed to the pluses of this model. Daytime distance record the license plates of about 14 meters, and at night – up to 8 meters, and is one of the best indicators among modern DVRs. Excellent video compression allows to keep in memory a large amount of information, but shooting at 60 frames per second missing.

The model AdvoCam-FD7 Profi-GPS

Video recorder weighs about 128 grams, despite the big length, it is quite lightweight and compact compared to other models. Plastic case this device is durable enough, but the button settings are very sensitive and responsive to the slightest touch. Is attached to the DVR with the help of a reliable vacuum suction Cup, and the special hinge allows to regulate and guide the appliance in different directions.

AdvoCam-FD7 Profi-GPS with mount

Speech sound recorded on the device can be disassembled, but have a good listen. Internal memory is enough to record emergency back – 204 MB. A good degree of visibility and ease to use can take this device to the category of the best DVRs.

Any modern DVR should be above all safe, in the event of an emergency you are always able to prove his innocence.

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