Beautiful cities of the world

In many countries the name of the city is often not a simple word. Most often the name of the city means something to do with it river or sea, on the shores of which it is located, or some kind of symbol of the city. But sometimes the names of cities – phrases that are enigmatic and mysterious meaning. No matter how well-known the city and what was he famous for most – no wonder many religions in the name of invested special meaning. Knowing the value of the names of the cities, you can discover something more than what open eyes on the streets. An article about cities with the most beautiful and interesting names – great informational material that is able to diversify the horizons of many seasoned travelers. If the man managed to visit these cities, you can compare personal experiences with the meaning of the names, if not time to check, corresponds to the value of the town of his name.

Pattaya — «the wind that comes at the beginning of the rainy season»


Pattaya is one of the largest and most famous cities of Thailand, took the top ranks in many lists of Thai resorts. This files most often visit Pattaya seem even more interesting and desirable than a visit to Bangkok is the main city of Thailand and the capital of the country. This attractiveness is due to the fact that the Thai authorities did everything to transform the city into a veritable Paradise for the tourist. Travel agencies all over the world never have to wrestle over the drafting of the tourism program Pattaya for clients – here is just a huge amount of entertainment and various types of interesting leisure. The crocodile farm, the elephant pastures, a huge aquarium with a bunch of different ideas for tourists, a huge Botanical garden with a magnificent Park of tropical orchids…


Deserves the attention of a huge number of restaurants and cafes, where the food of all peoples of the world, a replica Park’s most famous attractions. Over the heads of strolling along South street, proudly towering arches of the Temple of doom, and the cozy sandy beach of the Gulf of Thailand will soon have to decorate the image of a majestic temple of Truth. In Pattaya, the wind that comes before the start of the rainy season is probably the wind of the masses of tourists, the common impulse of their breathing and the hum of the busy streets, simmering only during the most severe tropical downpours.

Antananarivo — the «city of a thousand warriors»


Capital hot Sunny Madagascar can be called the main center of island life. Antananarivo is located on the slopes of hills, thickly covered with strings down the terraces and on the tops of palaces with shining gold roofs. Life is seething and fog covered the lower reaches of the hills – it seems that the ever-moving flow of tourists does not allow Antananarivo to freeze for a moment. Look visitors are delighted by the wonderfully preserved buildings of past centuries, on the bustling streets never stops the hubbub of human voices. A real demonstration of the local culture, there are unforgettable performances of the best artists of Hira Dhabi – the most famous local theatre. Antananarivo is called the city of a thousand warriors, but of past battles are a little reminiscent of that.

Tegucigalpa — «silver hills»


On the gentle slopes of the river valley Tolteca located in Tegucigalpa, the main city and hot tropical Honduras, the main economic and cultural center of the country with a heavy history. On the Sunny streets of Tegucigalpa vengeance full of life – among all the expanse of Central America there are only two cities larger than the capital of Honduras. One of the main features of the city is its division into lowland and the more mountainous part. The average height of the location of the capital of Honduras is about 1000 meters above sea level – that’s why in a crowded city is surprisingly fresh air and a fairly mild climate, sometimes interrupted by periods of terrible heat, which save only blow the mountain winds and the remnants of the once vast pine forests.

Clermont-Ferrand is a City of extinct volcanoes


Thousands of years ago in the South of France stood a huge volcano, proudly crowned the mountain ridge Wolverhampton. But since the eruption of the lava giant, it took many hundreds of years, and the slopes of a giant covered with forests, among which lurked Clermont-Ferrand is truly a special city with a population of nearly 140 thousand inhabitants. The ancient architectural heritage of this city presents a huge number of residential buildings, Church buildings, designed in the incompleteness of the exquisite style of early Gothic. The appearance of the city is something invisible and a special thanks to him for all these objects look harmoniously even today, reviving pretty standard urban landscapes. Clermont-Ferrand can be called a student city – there are several major universities who come to study as many residents from the neighborhood and hundreds of foreigners. Every year the center of the cultural life of the city becomes an international short film festival, with screenings which launched many successful French film Directors.

Aguascalientes — «hot water»


The center of the homonymous Mexican state got its name due to the huge number of hot springs in close proximity. In General Aguascalientes embodies all the basic Mexican tradition – after a hot, gushing emotions of the local bullfighting people here are facing a quiet street, seems to be covered with mist of provincialism. In addition, the state capital is the major centers of trade and industry. This is because the state has a large number of high-tech industries, actively gaining momentum in a rapidly developing Mexico. But tourists are most attracted to contract a truly modern life with the provincial coziness of narrow streets and quiet suburbs, where the flourishing of small farmers. Becoming a truly modern, state managed to keep the magic simplicity of bygone times.

Reykjavik — «smoky Bay»


The small and peaceful capital of Iceland for many years lived a calm and serene life. Communications from the city circulates the hot water of volcanic origin, all the usual heating buildings and even greenhouses farmland. Reykjavik looks like a city that was not built by people, and nature itself – so harmonious, relaxed and natural way urban landscapes of the capital of Iceland. The nature itself warms Reykjavik and its streets are filled with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Southampton – great harbour on the South coast of the UK


On the gentle shores of the Strait Selenskogo rise the picturesque buildings of Southampton. Here lives only 55 thousand people, but occasionally this number may increase double so attractive, the nature and the unique atmosphere of old narrow streets, absorbed the English tradition. The city centre is a long canal, where in the Bay are all ships from the Atlantic ocean. Ports of the city has large shipbuilding docks, which came with many magnificent ships, including the legendary «Titanic.»

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