Bathing your little one and accessories for this

Let’s start with the things which are needed for bathing a newborn. What is listed, will be important in the first two months of baby’s life.

Bathing the baby

Accessories for baby bathing:

  • Bath with ledge and recess (you can do without it, and bathing the newborn immediately into a large tub).
  • Plastic ladle.
  • Herbs for bathing.
  • Potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate).
  • Iodine.
  • Zelenka.
  • Means for bathing infants.
  • A soft sponge or cloth (and it is possible to bathe the baby just hands).
  • Diaper.
  • Towel.
  • Soft hair brush.

Well, all the necessary lists and we now turn to the main point!

When bathing?

Start swimming is permitted when it healed umbilical wound. Up to this point preferably just to wipe baby wipes or a cotton swab. But the cleaning has not been canceled!

How to wash a baby

If the navel, the baby has healed, it is possible for the first time to introduce him to the water treatments. The first swim better to the diaper, the baby was not afraid of contact with water.

Preparation to bathing

The temperature there, which will host the swimming, should be about 20-22 degrees. Water should be boiled. In the water dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate to pale pink. Prepare a towel, nappy and clothes.

The process of bathing

Immerse your child in the water should gradually that he accidentally frightened. Keep the child on your forearm, the back, and the thumb of her mother’s hand should be on the shoulder. This will create reliability and prevent accidental slipping of the baby from his hands.

How to wash a baby

Start to gently pour the baby out of the scoop – first the face, then the body. Wash thoroughly all skin folds. Genitals washed last. Bathing a newborn should be, in General, 5 minutes, but not more, otherwise you can overdry delicate, thin baby skin still. But the water has a useful property that it simultaneously relaxes and strengthens muscles, builds gently, soothing. There are kids who after bathing on the contrary, I feel more energetic. These kids need to bathe in the morning.

If the child begins to protest and worry, we should stop bathing and try again later. Although most newborn bathing very soul.

Bathing baby

You can learn a few nursery rhymes for bathing and speak to them directly during water treatment – then the baby bathing to be associated with the mother’s tenderness and a pleasant relaxation.

After swimming

After bathing wrap the baby in a towel and «dry» absorbent movements. Every wrinkle must be thoroughly dried, starting from the neck and ending with the crotch. Rubbing the skin can not, it can hurt. After a three – minute air bath and dressing. Combed the hairs of a brush, and be sure to wear a hat. After bathing the baby should eat and sleep. Make sure that the room where he will sleep, no drafts – you can easily chill of malysia!

The tub after the water treatment opolaskivaniem hot water. Once a month it is advisable to clean with baking soda.

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