Awesome clay Park in China

To walk among the clay figures, you can visit the small town of Tangshan. A feature of the Park is that clay products convey the finest details. The variety of exhibits is astounding, their number reaches 1 000. If you want to experience Chinese culture, visit clay Park.

The creators

The author of great ideas, Qin Shiping. As inspiration, the sculptor used pictures Zhang zero «Along the river». The author perfectly captures the song dynasty times. The idea of creating appeared in Qin Siena back in 2005. Typing in a team of two sculptors, the author began creating beautiful sculptures.

Park has been opened in 2008. Funding for the project, Qin Shiping took completely on himself, hoping to profit after opening. And he was right, thousands of tourists and local residents tend to visit the Park clay sculptures.

What can you see?

The Park covers an area of 60 to 3000 meters. Strange it is called not in vain, analogous to him in the world. Clay here has done everything. It is not only people, but also boats, animals. All exhibits made in almost full size. Sculptures located throughout the Park. The peculiarity of this place lies in the fact that the figures are not hidden from people. They can come closer and get a good look. Park visitors the impression that they just walk on the ancient Chinese streets. So naturally the sculptors managed to capture the spirit of the country.

Visitors can learn the history of China, since established figures represent different social groups of the local population. Officials and townspeople, the ordinary peasants who move on wheelchairs or skillful traders. The sculptures convey a certain scene. It animates the clay characters and allows visitors to imagine yourself a resident of this town.

Today, the Park is one of the most popular places where tourists go. Visiting it is possible to travel into the atmosphere of ancient China.

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