Autumn cleansing of the body

Fall nature enters the resting phase, the vital juices from the plants back to the earth and all living creatures get ready for winter. Because metabolism slows during the cold months, but it can be accelerated during the autumn, before winter arrives. Very useful to use seasonal fruits and vegetables because they’d rather fill our lack of vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables and fruits - source of vitamins

If you replace one or two meals with salad or fruit juice the band, we will give the opportunity to our body to stock up on the necessary nutrients for the winter and flush out the toxins at the cellular level. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are in abundance in autumn and detox easily turns into pleasure, and emotional state improved at the expense of extra energy and good mood.


Seasonal ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the stomach and help treat it, there are beets, carrots, Apple, parsley, etc.

Vegetables and fruits in the autumn

Cleaning the walls of the stomach, improves digestion and overall absorption of nutrients. Better to eat in a calm atmosphere, because stress and tension often impact on the stomach and digestive system. Foods rich in fiber such as oats, brown rice, rye, etc., well clear of the wall of the small intestine. Carbohydrates are more easily digested than proteins, and at the same time, water treatment plants, and this means that it is better to increase their consumption. Bananas, potatoes, bread dough and other products to soothe the «nervous» stomach and passes gently through the digestive system.


The key to cleansing the body is the liver, where the body treats any substance caught in it, trying to protect it if it is harmful. It helps to improve cardiovascular activity and urinary system.

Apples and lemons are good for the liver

Most suitable for cleaning Apple, beet, olive oil and lemon. So you can increase your intake of apples or them to replace food. Once a week, taken in the morning on an empty stomach one tablespoon of olive oil and lemon. This simple procedure removes toxins from the liver and pancreas, improving the work of other organs such as skin, eyes and more. There are also a few day for a complete cleanse of the liver, if there is a separate solid formations, such as sand or small stones.


For overall good body condition, the kidneys play a role of treatment facilities, they monitor mineral and water balance in the body. Dehydration kidney feel first, before other parts of the body will perceive the lack of a sufficient amount of water. The increase of water, but reducing salt facilitates their work and the elimination of toxins through the urinary system.

Grapes - a source of vitamins

Grapes are rich in vitamins and minerals with a high content of water and sugar and is suitable for cleansing the urinary system, it needs to be eaten before eating more solid food during the day. Celery and asparagus «favorite» products of the kidneys, they benefit – remove dark circles under eyes, restore skin tone and improving the functioning of the brain.


External cleansing of the skin makes it beautiful, but does not affect the internal balance of the body. As the largest organ, which is part of the excretory system, it has a huge impact on the overall tone, and the «first» confronted with toxins, trying to bring them to the surface instead of accumulating in the body. In the initial stages of intoxication, namely through the skin, the body gets rid of unnecessary substances in the form of pimples and blackheads, so it’s best to keep the skin healthy and clean.

Cucumber is useful for skin

Exfoliation with natural ingredients, is produced by rubbing the body with salt, baking soda, sugar, crushed walnut shell, bran, etc. This procedure opens the pores and helps the skin to breathe, and in depth, restores the processes that maintain it supple and in good condition. To hydrate the face, you can use the peels of apples, cucumbers, even potatoes. Mask with wheat germ and yogurt, return the youthful appearance of the skin, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and improve the complexion.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits in the autumn

Autumn is a period of preparation to the cold weather, and our body is much easier to carry a balanced transition to lower temperatures.

Adaptation will be rapid, and the level of the hormone of happiness will remain high for a long time, almost until spring. A healthy body is happiness, and this is rarely appreciated, and it would be great to spend the winter without illness, and without even a cold. When the entire body is in harmony, then the body finds the path to optimal health and creates a protective barrier against external factors and irritants.

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