Attractions Sergiev Posad

Attractions Sergiev Posad on the map

At the mention of Sergiev Posad, many people imagine a wonderful monastery, with white walls and gilded domes that can be seen from afar. The city is famous for many shrines, which is annually visited by about 500 thousand pilgrims. But in Sergiev Posad you can see many interesting places created in the last decade. The city has many museums where you can learn the history not only of the local area, but throughout Russia. All the sights of Sergiev Posad is hardly possible to examine in one day. After all, every temple has its own fascinating history, which will also be interesting to know the tourists. Excursion in the city is better to do without haste, imbued with the spirit of this majestic and beautiful place.

Attractions Sergiev PosadAttractions Sergiev Posad

The Trinity-Sergius Lavra

The main attraction of Sergiev Posad and its symbol is the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, founded in the XIV century. First, in the place where now stands the city was inhabited only by St. Sergius of Radonezh. He established a monastery, which later began to flock to the new settlers. In the middle Ages the temple frequented by the emperors, who greatly influenced his development. Was built here fortifications and the new churches. During the reign of Empress Elizabeth, the monastery was accorded the status of Lavra. In 1746 the monastery was a large fire which destroyed all the wooden buildings in its territory. Architect Michurin was a plan of reconstruction of the monastery, which were held here almost 30 years. Those days are considered the heyday of the monastery. After the October revolution some buildings of Lavra have been converted into houses, and the Church decided to restore. But only in 1990-ies due to the efforts of architects most of the buildings of the Shrine was fully restored.

The Trinity-Sergius LavraThe Trinity-Sergius Lavra

Elias Church

In 1645 in Sergiev Posad there is another temple, which today attracts the attention of many tourists. Elias Church was first built of wood. In the eighteenth century and Refine it, making the stone walls. The bricks used for construction were made by masters of the monastery alipinova yard. Over the years, the Church has expanded, with many new faces. She even acted in the Soviet era and has survived to the present time in excellent condition. Within its walls there is a library with many ancient sacred books.

Elias ChurchElias Church

Chernihiv skit

Near Lavra in Sergiev Posad there is another remarkable monument of Chernigov skete. Its main attraction is the Church in Chernihiv, built in the late XIX century. Tourists can visit here the underground Church created a Holy fool Filiposki. It has been preserved even during the Soviet era, when the Chernigov skete was closed. Service in the underground Church happen at the present time. Chernihiv temple after the October revolution, was given for the orphanage, a prison and warehouses. In 1990, he revived and began to act as a monastery.

Chernihiv skitChernihiv skit

Cellarer pond

Tourists who arrived in the city on a tour, you should spend some time visiting ancient man-made Cellarer of the pond. The creation of the reservoir took place in the XVI century on the initiative of the cellarer adriana Angelova. In the early nineteenth century on the iPod replaced the wooden dam with stone. At the same time, built a boat station. In Soviet times, the reservoir would be used for fish farming, but this idea was not successful. Bets tried to rename that also found support from local residents. Tourists can ride on the pond on a boat and admire the beauty of the surroundings.

Cellarer ratesCellarer pond

Vvedenskaya and Pyatnitskaya Church

In the middle of the XVI century not far from the monastery began to build two stone Church that was to replace a small wooden Church served the parish for local residents. For several years there appeared Vvedenskaya and Pyatnitskaya Church. Despite the fact that temples were erected at the same time, they have significant architectural differences. During its existence, the Vvedenskaya Church was rebuilt several times, which lost its original appearance. Pyatnitskaya Church managed to keep almost not changed since the time of construction.

Vvedenskaya and Pyatnitskaya ChurchVvedenskaya and Pyatnitskaya Church

The Museum complex «stables»

On the coast of the White pond is the branch of the city Museum-reserve, in which all people can learn the history of Sergiev Posad and many interesting places of Moscow suburbs. Here you can see the archaeological exhibit, in which there are extremely ancient artifacts. The age of some of the exhibits of this collection are thousands of years. There is also an exhibit that tells the story of the origin and development of the monastery. The Museum contains artifacts created by the ancient masters. Here you can see ancient tools. Very popular among the visitors enjoyed the Museum of Russian nesting dolls.

The Museum complex The Museum complex «stables»

The Church of Peter and Paul

When visiting the Holy city, tourists should visit the Peter and Paul Church. It was built in the XVII century on the spot where once was Kokueva settlement. Here lived the people who are employed to work in the monastery. The Church was built of wood but in the nineteenth century it was decided to redo it, using as building material brick. The temple was fenced wrought-iron fence with a variety of decorative elements, which was dismantled during the Soviet era. More than 60 years, beginning in 1939, the Church was in ruins. Now it is part of the monastery and it held the service for the congregation.

The Church of Peter and PaulThe Church of Peter and Paul

The Church Of The Archangel Michael

Attracts the attention of visitors and residents another temple located on the outskirts of the city – the Church of the Archangel Michael. It was built in the beginning of the last century. At that time this area started to develop the settlement, people who wanted to have their own Church. Shrine in 1930, was closed. Within its walls is a school and club. Only in 1990 it began to hold services. The temple attracts with its unusual architecture: it resembles an octagonal tower attached to a two-storey building.

The Church Of The Archangel MichaelThe Church Of The Archangel Michael

Wonder Park

It is interesting to spend time in the wonder Park, where you can find a lot of interesting people of all ages. This attraction is located in the city centre. The Park has many attractions, there is even a small zoo where you can see animals grown by local farmers. The Park often hosts live entertainment, dedicated to holidays or other important events.

Wonder ParkWonder Park

Exhibition hall «the Bells of Russia»

A lot of interesting things you can learn in Sergiev Posad Museum, which collected a huge number of bells from all over Russia. Submitted perusing the exhibits on display, you can trace the history of creating bells and their improvement. All the exhibits of the showroom are in operable condition, and if desired, you can ring the bells. The Museum often organizes concerts. Their conduct in the belfry, bells made of flat shape.

Exhibition hall Exhibition hall «the Bells of Russia»

Park «Their ponds»

Very popular among citizens and guests of Sergiev Posad is Park «Their ponds» located in the Southeast area of the city. There is always quite crowded as the Park can to spend time interesting people of any age. Adults often stroll shaded walkways or relax on benches. Teenagers like to spend time at the skate Park. For children, the Park also provides special places, equipped with swings. Here you can admire the sculptures, the bridges fishing or a magnificent rotunda. Most often in the Park go on vacation with the whole family.

Park Park «Their ponds»

Deserts Of The Holy Paraclete

A few kilometers from Sergiyev Posad is the place to visit for tourists. This Deserts of the Holy Paraclete, which is the skete of the Lavra. It was founded by hermit monks who came here for solitude in the middle of the XIX century. Here you can visit the oldest building of the monastery – the temple of the Holy spirit. Its construction was financed by merchant V. K. Korolev. Under Soviet rule the monastery was abolished and it was turned into a school and a club. In 1992, it was reopened for parishioners.

Deserts Of The Holy ParacleteDeserts Of The Holy Paraclete

Pokrovskiy monastery Chotikov

Rich attractions in the area, located near Sergiev Posad. The town of Bronnitsy is famous for its beautiful convent built in the XIV century. First, the temple was very poor. On its territory was at that time just 17 people. In the XVI century, the monastery became female, but things went smoothly only in the beginning of 1800-ies. The inhabitants of the temple, whose number at that time reached 280, producing different goods and sold them in the local market. Under Soviet rule the monastery was abolished. In 1989, he revived and again became a refuge for nuns.

Pokrovskiy monastery ChotikovPokrovskiy monastery Chotikov

Pancake mountain

One of the most popular places for walking among residents and visitors of Sergiev Posad there is a Pancake house mountain. Its name it received because of the pancake city that is located in this place. Here always came pilgrims to visit the Holy places of the city. With Pancake mountain you can admire the view of the historic center of the city. With her magnificent beauty all over the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and other Holy places.

Mlinna mountainPancake mountain

The source of the monk Sava the Guard

The monk Sava was a disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh, who is the founder of the monastery. From an early age renounced the world and lived in a monastery. Among the people he was known for kindness and good deeds. How to tell a local legend, he has devoted much time to prayer. The walls of the monastery was the source from which water is considered Holy. The source is equipped with baths, where you can take a bath in any time of the year. The pilgrims also gain the Holy water to drink, because it is, according to many believers, is healing.

Dzherelo Reverend Savi StoragemojoThe source of the monk Sava the Guard


Increasingly, the city is visited by lovers of water sports. This is due to the appearance in Sergiev Posad modern, well-equipped wakeboard Park. Here you can test yourself in water skiing and other shells. There are instructors ready to teach aspiring wakeboarders and vaxcation. Wakepark opened in 2014 and in short time became one of the most visited attractions.

Hydrous Wake ParkWakepark

Krasnogorskaya square

Very popular among tourists arriving in the city, is in the Krasnogorsk area, along which there are numerous attractions Sergiev Posad. It was founded in the period of the arrival there of the first settlers. For centuries, on the Krasnogorsk area housed a shopping arcade, where pilgrims visit the city’s temples, could buy Souvenirs and stock up on food on the road. Today, the Central area I love to walk residents and guests of the city.

Krasnogorskaya squareKrasnogorskaya square

Pyatnitsky well

All visitors are sent to the monastery from the train station, on the way found a unique attraction – the Pyatnitsky well. This source, on which is erected of white marble beautiful three-tier chapel. The first building on the source appeared in the XVII century. Water from this source was considered Holy, and its even brought to the Royal court. In the beginning of XVIII century the chapel was altered, and in another century made a further tier. About this place rarely mentioned in the records of the monastery, though it is a popular attraction.

Pyatnitsky wellPyatnitsky well

Pafnutevsko garden

Guests and residents of Sergiev Posad love to walk Pafnutevsko garden, which lies behind the South wall of the monastery. Based this place was in the XVII century. Over the centuries about this ancient garden was composed of many stories. Studies have shown that plantations appeared on the site of the garden, where the servants of the monastery grew onions. After the October revolution the garden was converted into a cultural Park. There is a buffet, summer theatre and other facilities. In the beginning of this century it was decided to return the garden to its original appearance. After renovation this place is frequently visited by locals to walk or relax.

Pafnutevsko gardenPafnutevsko garden

Museum of peasant life «Zhili-byli»

Very informative for all lovers of history will visit the Museum «Zhili-byli», which contains a huge number of everyday objects that are used by the peasants of the local area and from other regions of the country. The organizer of the Museum is artist Victor Bagrov who was always fascinated by the culture of Ancient Russia. The Museum has several exhibits where the guns there, clothes, furniture, dishes and similar items. Very popular collection of vintage jewelry.

Museum of peasant life Museum of peasant life «Zhili-byli»

The House Of Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky

Guests should see the house a talented scientist, who is known for his unwavering faith in God and a desire to preserve monuments of history for future generations. Pavel Florensky was a native of Azerbaijan, who by the will of fate he lived in Sergiev Posad. After the October revolution he constantly advocated the preservation of the sacred places of the city. For this he was arrested and exiled to the far East. After some time he was sent to Solovki, where he was shot. The house in which he lived, Pavel Florensky, is a historical landmark of the city.

The House Of Pavel Alexandrovich FlorenskyThe House Of Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky

Museum of toys

Very popular with tourists and locals, the Museum of toys was founded in 1918 in Moscow and was transferred to Sergiev Posad in 1931. Exposure in 1980 it was decided to place in an old mansion, built of red bricks, which today is a historical monument. The Museum has a huge collection of exhibits, arranged in six large halls. At the workshops, where craftsmen show everyone how to create dolls.

Museum of toysMuseum of toys

The Memorial Of Glory

During the great Patriotic war In Sergiyev Posad and its outskirts took place heavy fighting, which killed many Soviet soldiers. The city was made a mass grave on the spot where, in 1950, erected a memorial of Glory. In 1958 it was decided to rebury the remains of soldiers, which takes about 2 years. In 1977, the memorial was lit the Eternal fire, and soon appeared and the composition is semi-circular shape with a star and caused by the years of beginning and end of the war.

The Memorial Of GloryThe Memorial Of Glory

Ethnographic Park «Nomad»

Not far from Sergiev Posad is a unique Museum where you can learn a lot of interesting information about the life of nomadic peoples. Here are several exhibitions, each dedicated to different nationalities. Here you can see yurts and plague, which lived in ancient times, the Chukchi, the Mongols and other peoples. The Park has collected the whole settlement of the yurts. Park visitors are given the opportunity to test themselves in throwing knives, lassos, to learn how to manage camels and sled dogs.

Ethnographic Park «Nomad»

Waterfall gremyachiy key

One of the most known sources of Sergiev Posad and around the Moscow region is the waterfall gremyachiy key. According to legend, the springs in this area were due to the prayers of St. Sergius of Radonezh. They are merging together, creating a waterfall that resembles a mountain river. The pilgrims come here with large tanks to stock pure Holy water. Here you can bathe in a specially built of logs baths.

Wodospad Gremuchiy keyWaterfall gremyachiy key


Many of the guests do not miss the opportunity to see the Abramtsevo estate, the distance to which from Sergiyev Posad is about 15 km away. This beautiful place, which became known in the nineteenth century. The estate first belonged to the writer S. T. Aksakov, and in 1870 it became the property of industrialist S. V. Mamontov. Around the house you can enjoy incredibly beautiful landscapes. This place is often visited by many writers and artists have found inspiration here for creativity. Today is the Abramtsevo Museum-reserve.

Farmstead AbramtsevoAbramtsevo

The most famous sights of Sergiev Posad, photo and described in the article, will not leave anyone indifferent. The city abounds with majestic temples that have survived to the present time in excellent condition and pleasing to worshipers and tourists a great view. A lot of unique shrines and monuments you can see around the city. Despite the fact that Sergiev Posad is expanding and modernizarea every year, the historic center remains intact. There is also an increasing number of modern attractions, which annually attract a huge number of tourists.

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