Attractions Kolomna

Attractions Kolomna on the map

Moscow, Kolomna. During Soviet times, the small town was closed. Now come here like tourists from all corners of the vast country. The old carved houses, monasteries, vast estates – is not a complete list of what attracts visitors. Attractions Kolomna diverse: here you can admire old churches, and later to enjoy the production of pastes.

If you choose to visit Kolomna and at your disposal only a day, we are ready to tell us what to see in one day in this ancient town of the Moscow region.

The Kremlin Of Kolomna

The Kremlin suffered throughout existence. First, ruthless Mongol-Tatar army attacked the border town and destroyed everything around, including the wooden structure. After that, the Kremlin burned several times.

Basil led the Third building in decent form in the early sixteenth century. The contours left from the old buildings, the architects were able to build a gorgeous white-stone Kremlin with strong walls.

Kolomna KremlinKolomna Kremlin

Nicholas, seeing the decline of the defense potential of the Kremlin, banned the population of the town to steal a brick from the structure. Later, the king reconstructed the building and brought him to the original architecture.

Many visitors believe the Kolomna Kremlin is the main attraction of the city.

Or bobrenev Nativity monastery

Men’s monastery located on the Bank of the Moscow river. After a few kilometers, anyone can enjoy a magnificent view of the temples, built more than six hundred years ago. The monastery has two names: first, the Nativity, and the second – Bobrenev.

According to mythical legend, ancestors, Sergius of Radonezh blessed Dmitry Donskoy for the battle against Khan Mamai. The Grand Duke with heavy losses won a difficult battle. In honor of this great event was built a magnificent monastery.

Bogoroditse-Rozhdestvensky monasteryBogoroditse-Rozhdestvensky monastery

In the Soviet Union, the monastery was dissolved and destroyed. At the moment most of the temples of the monastery restaurerede after the devastation. Despite this, many tourists enjoy visiting the Church of Nativity. The Church has excellent acoustics and magnificent frescoes. Local attraction is the Fedorov Icon of the Mother of God. Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the miraculous picture.

Staro-Golutvin monastery

Staro-Golutvin monasteryStaro-Golutvin monastery

The monastery was founded in the late fourteenth century. The Abbot of the monastery was a disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Archbishop of Golutvin. Many famous people visited this Holy place and freely gave large sums of money for the prosperity of the temples. For example, it was frequently visited by Ivan the terrible to him in the monastery loved to relax Yuri Dolgoruky. Historians believe that the Old-Golutvin monastery is the main religious landmark in the city. Now the monastery has been greatly restored.

Museum Rolls

Kolomna KalachKolomna Kalach

Kalach is a special form of baking. Pastry is very popular with local residents and tourists. That is why the city administration decided to open a Museum where anyone can see how to stop the dough for rolls, bake and sweets. Visitors are offered to try to make a loaf together with an experienced guide, who in addition to manufacturing techniques will tell about the history of bread. The Museum is very popular to get on the tour have to book in advance, only a few got here without prior agreement.

Pyatnitsky gates

A large gate located at the entrance to the Kremlin. Before, many centuries ago, above them rose the bulk of small tower, the bottom of which was the alarm bell. With gate began construction of the wooden Kremlin. The tower is at a height of thirty-five meters, now it is a bit cut down to twenty-nine. The gate length reaches twenty-three meters and a width of thirteen.

Pyatnitsky gatesPyatnitsky gates

The gate looks more like a horseshoe. The people of Russia believed that this symbol brings success and money, so very often in the excavations, the archaeologists encountered those instances of prejudice.

St. John the Baptist Church

One of the oldest religious buildings in the suburbs. Researchers agree that the temple was built in the early fourteenth century. For existence, the Church was rebuilt several times. Part of the walls consist of huge rough stones. Inside the building are three of the throne. The white stone house was restored in the mid-twentieth century. The builders returned to the temple of the building of the sixteenth century.

St. John the Baptist ChurchSt. John the Baptist Church

According to urban legend, himself Batu Khan has visited a Holy place and left its mark. Indeed, outside the building, on one wall traces the contours of the hand, but no historical source confirms the information that it was the brush of the great leader of the Horde.

Inside the temple was formerly considerable for the Orthodox world icon – «angel in the Wilderness.» Moscow authorities decided to move the image of the mythical creatures in the Tretyakov Gallery. Now in the Museum you can observe a historical relic.

«This money kolomskoe» — Museum of coins

Museum PrimordialMuseum Primordial «This money kolomskoe»

Miniature Museum has two rooms, one of which is in the basement. Teenagers and children are bored at the exhibition, but adults should be interesting. Guides with a living love to tell about the evolutionary development of money in Russia. The Museum exposition consists of coins from different years and countries: is the hryvnia and rubles, and even dollars. Why is this name? This question will give you the answer «This money kolomskoe».

House Ozerov

Adobes OzerovHouse Ozerov

Previously, the mansion was the residence of a wealthy merchant Ozerov. Later, in Soviet times, a huge building was converted into a Museum. Now there are exhibited numerous displays from neighboring towns. In the house of Ozerov has its own collection of paintings.

Holy cross Cathedral

A huge temple with a favorable and surround speaker system in the nation to place the Angel. The Church is in the care of the Brusensky monastery. The building dates back to the late nineteenth century. The abbess Olympias put a lot of effort to build a godly place. On top of the temple you can see the five domes, it is built of red brick, but walls can be traced the small white panels. Holy cross Cathedral is located on the territory of the Kolomna Kremlin.

Holy cross CathedralHoly cross Cathedral

In the last century religious monument was turned into a warehouse of things. Many years of abuse of the Shrine has led to the fact that the Church can’t recover until now. For years, there are restoration work, which builders discovered the tomb of the nuns, who belonged to the Royal family, which undoubtedly indicates a good attitude to the temple from the elite of the state.

«Art-kommunalka. Museum. Workshop. Erofeev and others»

Museum projectMuseum project «Art-kommunalka Museum. Workshop.»

The Museum exposition is made for those interested in the life of the people of the twentieth century. Exhibitions are held in two forms: the ordinary, the guide shows important exhibits and tells their story, and theatrical – actors dressed in costumes of the era of the sixties and surprises the audience with different tales of the present, sometimes dizzying telling stories or jokes. The Museum also hosts exhibitions of different figures, from artists and ending with the poets.

Visit the Museum will be interesting not only for adults but also for children.

The monument to Prince Dmitry Donskoy

Dmitry Donskoy, along with his army first had a decent resistance to the Mongol-Tatars. The Grand Duke in Coloma gathered the brave wife who was willing to die for the warlord. Sergei of Radonezh blessed Dmitry and gave him in addition two monks: Peresvet and Oslabya. With a small army of Donskoy went to the Kulikovo field to battle with Mamai. The battle took place in a bitter way: the rivals did not spare each other.

The Monument To Dmitry DonskoyThe Monument To Dmitry Donskoy

In honor of this, the walls of the Kremlin erected a monument to the liberator of Russia from the Tatar yoke. The monument stands above ground by as much as twelve meters. A work of art belongs to the hands of the sculptor Rukavishnikov. The locals love to visit this place, because it offers a wonderful view of the city.

«Kovalskaya Sloboda»

MuseumMuseum «Kuznechnaya Sloboda»

The exposition of the Museum is just one room. But that didn’t stop the place to gain great popularity among tourists. Many of them believe that it is best for the Museum to go along with the guide. Therefore, a knowledgeable person will be able to tell you about any things in the exhibition. It should be noted that the exhibits here are very much different irons, washing boards, chain mail with armor, huge swords and shields. Also, the Museum entered into an interactive exhibition part: together with a guide, visitors can visit the huge forge, to feel the spirit of male craft and make something of myself. Near the building there is a small gift shop.

Brusensky monastery

The monastery is located on the territory of the Kolomna Kremlin. The monastery was founded in the mid-sixteenth century. Temples were destroyed in the time of Troubles. A few years later the building was restored, and the monastery was changed into a female. Gradually many of the buildings rebuilt. Instead of the wooden buildings began to show off the stone. The main Cathedral of the monastery was built in the nineteenth century.

Brusensky monasteryBrusensky monastery

The saddest time for the abode of the last century. The Soviet administration was against religion, closed many temples or carried out the conversion of religious monuments in the place of consumption or storage. The same fate awaited Brusensky monastery. Churches turned into warehouses, which affected the condition of the frescoes, the altar and many icons. Now the monastery holds the restoration work that began in the seventies of the twentieth century.

«Kolomna pastila»

The Museum of pastille opened in 2008. The house is located in a merchant’s shop of sweets, the construction of the building dates back to the seventeenth century. Visitors are encouraged to try the ancient recipes of the pastes without preservatives and carcinogens. Flour product prepared directly into the eyes of the public. Marshmallows, honey, raspberry, Apple is not a list of submitted names. If you want to experience the food culture of their ancestors, the Museum pastes suitable for this business like no other.

Museum pastileMuseum of pastila

After making marshmallows, visitors are invited to the refectory to tea. Here you can taste and enjoy the taste. You will also be denied if you want to buy a box of sweets home or take a picture with historical relics.

The estate of merchants Lazhechnikova

In the center of town is a large mansion, where many centuries ago lived a rich family Lazhechnikova. The structure was erected at the junction of the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries. The house spent most of the childhood of the famous writer Ivan Lazhechnikov. The author became famous thanks to the novel «Ice House».

Farmstead kupcu LazhechnikovaThe estate of merchants Lazhechnikova

In the early eighties of the last century, the estate was transferred to the city administration of culture. Officials have tried and made the place a Museum of Russian literature. At the moment the house is owned by a regional Museum of the city of Kolomna, and is one of its major branches.

The exposition of the Museum mainly shows the life of the ancestors, the customs of merchants. Here you can learn than interested traders, what they ate and how did you celebrate your leisure. Also in the Museum most of the time give the interactive innovation: famous actors perform on the air, inside the building there are plenty of creative productions that help to learn the culture of their ancestors most deeply.

Staro-Golutvin monastery

The construction of the monastery dates from the second half of the fourteenth century. Historians have claimed that Sergius of Radonezh has made many efforts and prayers for the construction of the monastery. Temples on the confluence of two rivers: the Oka and Moscow. The territory of the monastery is surrounded by a large brick fence with a set of vertices. The tower is designed in the typical for that time style, pseudo.

Staro-Golutvin monasteryStaro-Golutvin monastery

During its existence, the Church has experienced a lot of damage. To restore the building began in the nineties of the last century. Now it is almost completed. The structure of the monastery includes several buildings of the theological Seminary.

Skating center

Skating centerSkating center

A comprehensive sports center «Kolomna» was built relatively recently. There are plenty of competitions of winter sports, we train the best athletes of the country. Also on site are pool, Jogging tracks and much more. The complex is a Museum of speed skating, has a large and spacious cafe. After a good workout and a hearty lunch, the organizers of the «Kolomna» offers visitors a stroll in the green garden.

House samovar

MuseumThe Museum «House of the samovar»

Six hundred samovars in one place! Small but cosy Museum boasts a huge exposition «vintage» dummies different countries and forms. Family Drill gathered a private collection and stored it in this building. Also at the Museum a café and a souvenir shop, a small room with a stove where you can make photo on the memory, dressed in old Russian costumes.

Kolomenskaya Tower

The Kremlin is primarily a defensive structure. For the safety of the citizens on the walls of the building was erected a small tower, which houses or archers, or huge bell alarm. Today in Kolomna building was preserved only seven of the tower, one of which received the same name with the Kremlin.

Kolomenskaya towerKolomenskaya tower

Tourists love this place: thirty one meter in height, dvadtsatiletnej area with protection from the enemy! Walls reach four and a half meters. Also visitors like the history of Mniszek. According to legend, the Queen imprisoned in the tower for many years. Historians doubt the authenticity of the data, but this did not prevent the administration to give one floor Kolomenskaya tower for the exposition arrogant ladies.

The monument to the water carrier

The monument to the water carrierThe monument to the water carrier

Before the invention of running water, residents had to seek the assistance of the local water trucks. Their work consisted in the following: they drew buckets of water from the Moscow river and sold it to the public. At the end of two thousand citizens erected a monument to the water carrier. The monument is presented in the form of a man with a dog. In his hand he holds the cover, where tourists can throw coins for luck. A huge building located on the banks of the Moscow river, not far from the hotel.

Museum the Kolomna region

The Museum was founded in 1936 and since then is the main in Kolomna. Over its long history, the Museum staff managed to gather more than thirty thousand exhibits. The figure is amazing. In this place you can learn the history, life and nature of the Kolomna region. Also in the Museum there is an exhibition dedicated to the works of the great artists, in particular, Aivazovsky and Vasnetsov.

The Kolomna Museum of local loreThe Kolomna Museum of local lore

Special pride of the Museum – the archaeological hall. The exhibition presents the finds of historians, related to the rich history of the city and region.

School crafts

The Museum building is in the old Russian HOMESTEAD. The staff will acquaint anyone with the life of their ancestors, will tell many stories and show significant counterfeiting of craft labor ranging from things interior, to the subjects of the forge. Interestingly, upon entering the Museum, visitors are given sandals.

MuseumThe Museum «School of crafts»

Exhibits are only a small part of the Museum’s work. There are all kinds of historical theatrical performances, interactive evening. Creative people will find this Museum has something of their own: children can learn to sew or draw while you listen to a lecture of a famous artist or poet.

Church of Tikhvin icon of Mother of God

The temple, as Brusensky monastery that is located on the territory of the Kremlin. The building was built in the late eighteenth century. The building was small, so approximately a hundred years in its place was erected a new, more ambitious: inside the temple there are three altar, and upstairs – built five domes.

Church of Tikhvin icon of Mother of GodChurch of Tikhvin icon of Mother of God

After long years of neglect in the Soviet time, the Church was returned to the Orthodox, thoroughly restored.

The Museum favorite toy

The Museum favorite toyThe Museum favorite toy

The above Museum Forging settlement is in the same room with the Museum of a favorite toy. The exhibition presents only a few instances, mostly dolls. Guides tell about the manufacture and history exhibits.

Shopping arcade

Shopping arcadeShopping arcade

Two large number, between which is located the Church of St. John the theologian. In one of the buildings, right in the center is a bell tower. Nearby is the city Kremlin. Shopping arcades continue to operate today.

Monument Postman Pechkin

Monument postman PechkinMonument postman Pechkin

Who has not watched the cartoon «Buttermilk»? Everyone has favorite heroes. Here and Kolomna of the population has its own: the postman Pechkin. Character of the animated series put a monument in 2008: Pechkin is depicted on a Bicycle, surrounded by Matroskin and the Ball, on his shoulder perched a little galchonok. Statue outside the post office.

The peace Park

The Peace ParkThe Peace Park

Green Park was founded in the postwar years. Throughout its history experienced many difficult times. Despite all the difficulties, the residents will advise mandatory to visit the local tourist Park.

The monument to the cucumber

A monument in the form of a huge pickle jars on the bottom of which is a large desjatilopastnye coin, was opened in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of lokhvytsya on the initiative of officials of the Moscow region and local residents.

The monument to the cucumberThe monument to the cucumber

I hope you make sure that it is worthy visiting the city of Kolomna. Attractions, namely their photo with a description once again confirm this. Many architectural sights to see in one day, but to experience the beauty of the place, you need to devote to their study.

Video about places of interest in Kolomna

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