At what bird has the longest tongue

Starts in the right nostril, then is divided into two halves that goes around the whole entire head, including the neck, passes through the hole of the beak, and then again becomes one – sounds creepy, isn’t it? But it is the structure of the language of birds, which has the longest tongue in the world.

Exclusive language


We all saw, you have probably heard about the woodpecker taps on the tree trunk. In an attempt to get food, this bird has to bare the trunk of the tree, then hollow out a hole in the metal, and then use his long tongue, which due to its unique structure and length is able to get from the depths of larvae and insects.

Thin and sticky tongue of the woodpecker can easily reach the delicacy even of the ant’s moves. Due to the nerve endings on the tongue, the woodpecker is not wrong with the extraction, you have to catch to touch.

Most feathered creatures, the tongue rests on the back part of the beak is in the mouth. The woodpecker also, please note on the picture, it starts its growth from the right nostril! The woodpecker, when he is not engaged in the production of food, language is minimized. Placed in the nostrils and under the skin protects the skull.

Evolution or intelligent design?

the skull of a woodpecker

Many will remember from high school biology about natural selection and mutation, which continue their way of life and development of those individuals who have managed to adapt to the surrounding world. But the advantage is a bird, if its language from the usual place moved to the right nostril, and begins to grow backwards? Further developments showed that this bird just died of starvation.

A woodpecker got the advantage when his tongue made a complete circle around the head, and went to the usual place in the beak. Despite the fact that the woodpecker has a unique structure of language that evolutionists do not doubt that this bird evolved from other birds, possessing a standard language. But to say that the tongue of the woodpecker is the result of intelligent design.

Food woodpecker

a woodpecker

The bird, which has the longest tongue in the world, has fine hearing. The quiet sound of insects eating the wood, not to be overlooked. Woodpeckers feed on what you will find in the bark, under bark, inside bark, in the wood.

Some of the woodpeckers hunt not only in the wood, in search of food used ant-hills, stumps. Individuals seek out the larvae in earth’s thicker. Usually the poultry diet consists of beetles, larvae, ants, worms and caterpillar. Northern brothers are not averse to eat nuts.

Family woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are monogamous, they are faithful to their partner the entire season. The birds breed twice a year. Each year woodpeckers hollow out a new home, other buildings not in use. Woodpeckers prefer for the construction of a dwelling to use trees with soft wood. It happens that the length of the housing reaches half. As bedding woodpeckers use sawdust.

Woodpeckers in nature

Woodpeckers, for active pest control, called «orderlies of the forest». They bring obvious help in forests that are more than one year, which is full of old trees. But young animals from woodpeckers more harm than good. A large number of hollows spoils the structure of a young tree. If the same tree hollow regularly for three to four years, as they do woodpeckers-suckling, it will die.

In zoos, these birds are rare, but you get used to people pretty quickly. We had a little deal with the question of at what bird has the longest tongue, it’s time to pay attention to other members of the spine of the world.


MOV Kagan

In the world of mammals a champion by the length of the language was recently discovered in Ecuador by a bat. The length of this on 3.5 times the length of the body of the owner and is 8.5 cm to Measure the language of this Charmer failed when it gave sugared water in a narrow and long tube.

Australian echidna

the language of vipers

A mammal that lays eggs, has an elongated nose. At the end of which are placed and the nose and mouth, inside is very thin and long tongue. If the animal stick out your tongue, we see 18 inches covered with sticky liquid language.


language chameleon

This lizard it reaches half. The length of this body depends on the size of the chameleon, the bigger the animal, the longer its language. Straightens your language this representative squad flake in hundredths of a second – a subtle movement can only be seen through time-lapse photography.


the tongue of the anteater

Anteater is a toothless animal, although the presence of 60-cm sticky tongue, no teeth needed. In the food used ants and termites. In one minute, the anteater can push and pull the tongue back more than a hundred times.


MOV giraffe

Mammal with highest growth on the Ground, sometimes feels his own lack of height. The animal compensates for this disadvantage his long tongue. With a 45-cm language animal produces their own food, made from the leaves of trees and shrubs.

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