Amazing bouquet in the glass

Ordinary tea party can turn into a wonderful ritual if brewing tea connected. It is a few plants petals, which are carefully placed in a small cabbage. This kind of tea for the Europeans, for Chinese, it is the drink, which a few centuries ago, was prepared for the Emperor. Let’s learn how to get an amazing bouquet in glass and the secrets of its brewing.

How to make tea?

It is painstaking work, which is carried out manually. It is strange that only use the leaves collected in the rainy season. First they are dried. Wizards take a few leaves of tea and collect them like cabbage. In the middle of this circle add flower or a whole bouquet. So it is not broke, it is linked by a silk thread. Received the bulb wrapped in nylon and placed in an oven to dry. At this point you can give a associated tea any form.

How to make tea?

Kinds of beverage

Mainly made use of green tea leaves. But, there are varieties with white or black. With flowers and herbs, which are placed inside the leaves, the tea gets incredible shades and flavor. Various additives affect the taste.

«Green peony». Has a fresh taste, and the inside circle will have a small surprise in the form of a delicate flower.

«Jasmine strawberry». He really has the aroma of this beautiful flower. From strawberry tea took only the color inside it hides chrysanthemums. This drink even has a rejuvenating effect.

Amazing bouquet in the glass you can present to your beloved on Valentine’s Day. This created a special kind of «Berry heart» with the aroma of currant and raspberry.

There are many different varieties, which seduce with its beauty and taste. Tea can be of different shapes: round, ellipse, heart, ring, Bud.

ViDi satiated

How to brew?

Deciding to indulge in a drink of emperors, to properly comply with the filing of the petition. To do this, first heat the water. Then pour it in a transparent bowl or a glass. Then put the associated tea. And now you can watch a real miracle. Under the action of dry petals will begin to open and after a few minutes you can admire the beautiful bouquet.

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