All about scaffolding

Scaffolds represent the fabricated structures, the installation of which is carried out at the time of construction. They act as a platform that gives you the opportunity to perform different types of repair and construction works.

Scaffolding for the restoration and construction of buildings

Characteristics of scaffolding

Why are these structures called «scaffolds»? But because many years ago in the construction used the woods that were made from raw almost exclusively for one-time use, of logs and planks. At present, scaffolding – prefabricated construction, izgotovlyayuschei any of metal and wood, or of only one metal. They are installed along the entire perimeter of the constructed or reconstructed object, and require repeated use.

Such structures, like scaffolding, can be purchased or rented. The last option, of course, much better. Rental service scaffolding today provides a large number of companies and the demand for it, given the rapid increase in the number of projects under construction, every year becomes more and more.

Scaffolding, their types and

Application features

Scaffolding is not only used for repair and construction works, both on small and on large objects, but also for the restoration of various historic buildings. They are also indispensable when:

  1. laying brick and building blocks;
  2. performing work that requires constant movement along the workpiece;
  3. carry out internal and external walls of houses, buildings and structures, including plastering, whitewashing (painting) and conclusion of various types of insulation;
  4. the implementation of facade work;
  5. work on the construction of structures for short-term use (exhibition pavilions, frame structures and structures which are used for various celebrations).

Temporary scaffolding of metal

Without the use of scaffolding in all the above situations one cannot do, can be considered as one of the essential elements of workflow.

Design features of scaffolding

In the design process of modern scaffolding have focused on a number of the most important characteristics, especially the ease of installation, and subsequent dismantling. Of great importance is also the degree of strength and stability of these structures.

Wooden scaffolding.

Scaffolding today made of different metal alloys and high-strength metal, that allows to provide long life and high reliability, and the use of these materials does not depend on type designs. If you plan to perform some specific types of work, for example, installation of scenery for the future event, use of ladders, scaffolding. The size of these structures does not usually exceed 5 metres. Quite often, they attach to any surface to provide additional stability and safety in operation.

Ladders, scaffolding

If you have to build a multi-storey house then there can not do without large scaffolds, the size of which can reach 100 meters. In this case, the structures shall be installed prior to the start of construction and removed only after it.

Among the key features of scaffolding must highlight the ease of installation. Smartly-designed designs provide an opportunity to significantly accelerate the process of construction and dismantling, without any detriment to their strength.

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