AB trainer: the features and benefits of modern sports equipment

The history of bodybuilding machines has its origins in the mid-nineteenth century: the first such equipment was invented in Sweden in 1857 About it soon learned senior officials of the Russian Empire, including the Royal family, and insisted on the delivery of the simulator of the Scandinavian countries. Since then, many members of the aristocracy and media personalities take great care to have their body and figure look slender and athletic. And this, as we know, it is not enough just to adhere to a special diet, you need regular exercise.

About the most common and effective simulators will be discussed.

AB trainer

Undoubtedly, the most popular simulator is that people often install in their homes. Not surprising because of the usefulness of classes, it is difficult to overestimate: in addition to the loads directly on the muscles of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, is actively used and developed musculoskeletal system, and improves circulation of blood in the vessels. Especially important is the trainer for athletes recovering after injury.

TrenazhYor for Presa

Methods and techniques of exercises on the simulator, there are many, some occasionally do develop their own preferences and capabilities. The basic principle is simple: either raise legs to torso or torso to legs, or both actions simultaneously. Before buying a unit to find out for yourself what type should be adopted.

Right-on-trenazhere for Presa

Often buy the simulator with the inclined plane forward, equipped with shock-absorbing cushions. When doing work actively the muscles of the back, legs, neck, and bolsters to minimize the risk of injury, so exercise is extremely comfortable and effective. Athletes who engage in strenuous activities, be sure to use AB trainer as a warm-up before the more serious classes – so muscles and tendons are warmed up, blood is dispersed, and a reference engine is included in full.



Unassuming in appearance, but very effective kind of exercise equipment. The angle of the side panels regulated by a special mechanism, so its value can be changed to increase or decrease the load.

Wheel trimmer

Wheel trimmer

Another useful simulator for the press. Consists of two small wheels, threaded axle with cranks at both ends. Need to grab hold of arm and legs to put her knees on the ground. Move forward and backward with the wheel-trimmer significantly strengthen the press, the muscles of the arms and legs.



A large inflatable ball, which is especially popular among girls and, in particular, expectant mothers. Classes with fitball remove folds of fat on body, increase strength and endurance, improve respiratory system, normalize blood pressure and circulation, relieve pain in the locomotor mechanism.

Hula Hoop


A necessity for girls who care for their figure. Wrap a hula-Hoop equipped with the inner side of the massaging balls, which are in the process of dynamic movements affect the waist and destroy the extra fat.

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